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No sponsored links here, only websites that our site staff (along with numerous students of the Chinese language and culture) have been assisted by. Although Thinking Chinese aspires to provide you in depth and efficient tools, we are aware that a comprehensive study experience involves more than one website. Enjoy!

Chinese Learning
UrlSite DescriptionCutting Edge
mandarintools.comPerhaps the best site for computer related Chinese tools.Many useful tools, but above all a fine web English-Chinese dictionary.
learnchinese.cnA Chinese site packed with information and cultural related lessons. Perhaps not the best for systematic learning, but contains some nice features.Most videos are both entertaining and developing language skills.
zhongwen.comA guide of many of numerous Chinese learning links.The right side field has nice schemes of radicals and their role in forming characters.
mdbg.netSeveral dictionaries, text translation and other tool available in one of the most popular sites among students of the Chinese language.The online quizzes (through the 'practice' section) are an excellent way to improve the grasp of the structure of Chinese characters.
nciku.comA site rich of material, designated for students for students who have already mastered the basics and wish to broaden their Chinese vocabulary.The character writing tool (with the cursor) is a big plus. Don't let it ruin your Chinese writing technique, though.
mandarintools.comA funny tool for choosing your Chinese name. Just check the result with a native Chinese before you begin to introduce your new title  
melnyks.comChinese audio lessons for freeThe advantage of this site is the systematic learning from the first step of oral Chinese. The lessons are short and clear.
shufawest.usA fun tone drill tool, ensuring you will not confuse the second tone with the third ever again... 
learnchineseeveryday.comWith the simple format of one new character each day, this site is made for novice students and people who desire light Chinese refreshments. In depth details and examples concerning the daily characters are provided. 
learn-mandarin.netBeijing Gateway Academy: A private Mandarin school in the heart of Beijing, more intense and flexible programs compared to city universities 
csulb.eduAn list of Chinese characters by alphabet (pinyin), and the option of watching how each Hanzi is written. Not a huge variety, but a nice beginners' tool 
writeinchinese.comClear animations, demonstrating how to write basic Chinese characters 
yes-chinese.com朗朗中文 - A colorful and children-friendly atmosphere for Chinese studies, from basic vocabulary, games to useful tools This is a Chinese site, the can be used both by foreigners and Chinese kids, making it a more Chinese-oriented way to acquire Mandarin skills
words-chinese.comA simple language site, though with plenty of useful tools and Chinese beginner guides 
yourmandarin.cnOne of the pioneering Chinese language schools in Chongqing. Courses are offered in four main orientations: Conversational Mandarin, Business Mandarin, HSK preparation course and Chinese culture 
usmate.com.cnAn online dictionary that takes a closer look into the essence of the Chinese character 
china.org.cnA multi language site, under the news portal China.org, where lessons and vocabulary are all comprised of relevant cultural themes.The ‘Idioms’ section has cute animations portraying the stories behind some of the ancient Chinese idioms.
chinese-tools.comPlayful Chinese learning tools (as well as colorful section for the horny men...).Although most sections are no more than amusing, the
english.cntv.cnThe Chinese study section of the English speaking Chinese (CCTV) TV channel. Here you can watch full episodes of programs such as 'travel in China', 'Sports Chinese' and 'Communicate in Chinese', in which Mark Rowswell, one of the most famous Laowai in China sets an example for other foreigners visiting China.
China News
UrlSite Description
english.eastday.comAnother popular English newspaper, focusing on news from the Shanghai area.
people.com.cnJapanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese and English pages of the veteran newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party.
china.org.cnShort news posts in various categories. Published under the State Council Information Office.
chinadigitaltimes.netPlenty of daily stories from China
chinadaily.netEnglish, French and Chinese online versions of the English newspaper with widest print circulation in China.
chinapost.com.twAn easy-to-navigate Taiwan based news portal.
China Guide
UrlSite Description
echinacities.comEvents, travel and local news with about pages dedicated to about 40 of China's major cities.
chinasmack.comColorful articles, both design and content-wise. A place to read about hot new stories.
lonelyplanet.comThe backpacker's gate to China. You can read here about breathtaking sights and useful info for the new traveler in China.
lostlaowai.comA nice user-friendly guide to life in China and travel tips.
wildchina.comA company which organizes China trips 'off the beaten path', with activities in local communities. Their travel blog is very enlightening for hard-core Chine travelers.
zaichina.netThe Spanish website about China; culture items and news
thechinabeat.orgChina from an academic and literary angle
travelchinaguide.comA comprehensive guide and index for China travelers
helloningbo.comAn extensive guide for one of the most bustling cities in Zhejiang
chinatravel.netIn depth & up-to-date China travel destination guides, traveler forums, reviews and a China Travel Blog
tourdechina.cnTea shopping with some in depth guidance to China's favorite drink. In the words of the owner: Authentic Chinese Teas: Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, Flowering Tea... Best quality and huge selections. Worldwide delivery.
teavivre.comTea shopping with some in depth guidance to China's favorite drink. In the words of the owner: Authentic Chinese Teas: Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, Flowering Tea... Best quality and huge selections. Fresh and safety. Worldwide d