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中国百座城市响警报 纪念’九一八‘ - Sirens were activated in 100 Chinese cities, in remembrance of the 'September 18 Incident' print version
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媒体报道,当天上午9点18分,辽宁(Liaoning province)、吉林(Jilin province)、黑龙江(Heilongjiang province)三省在沈阳(Shenyang city)首次共同举行撞钟仪式,警报声破空而起,响彻沈阳全城。



作为中国人民解放军[12]诞生地[13],江西(Jiangxi province)在抗日战争期间作出了重大贡献,当地媒体公布了日军侵占[14]南昌(Nanchang)6年半间屠杀6万多居民。上午10时整,南昌上空响起警报,八一广场(August 1st Square in Nanchang)上的行人纷纷驻足聆听。

南昌、许昌(Xuchang city)、西安(Xi'an)等地中小学[15]还举行了主题班会[16],帮助"90后[17]"学生了解"九-一八"事变的历史。江苏(Jiangsu)、天津(Tianjin)等地高校新生[18]举行签名、宣誓[19]等活动。

September 18th is the memorial day of to the 'September 18th incident'. Sirens were activated in over 100 cities, in memorial to the incident that took place 80 years ago, reminding the people not to forget the national humiliation.

Media reports that in 9:18 in the morning, the three provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang held together a bell-striking ceremony in Shenyang (Mukden) for the first time. The siren sound cut the open air and elevated, reverberating through the entire city of Shenyang.

On September 18, 1931, the Japanese army in northeast China falsely attacked the Chinese army, bombarding the big northern camp of the Chinese army, and the Northeast fell completely into enemy hands.

An exhibition titled 'Proof of Japanese aggression crimes' was held in the Beijing's 'Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japan Memorial Hall', in which many items were publicly exhibited for the first time.

As the 'birthplace' of the People's Liberation Army, Jiangxi  province made a big contribution during the War of Resistance against Japan. In this province it was reported by the media that the Japanese Army massacred more than 60,000 Nanchang city residents within 6 and a half years. At 10 in the morning, a siren was activated in Nanchang's open air and pedestrians in the 'August 1st (Army Day) Square' stopped and listened respectfully.

In elementary and middle schools in Nanchang, Xuchang, Xi'an and other places, theme student class meetings were held, helping the post-1990 generation (90hou) pupils understand the history of the 'September 18th Incident'. Activities of name-signing and oath-taking were held by new students in universities, in Jiangsu and Tianjin.

Original article published by 中国新闻网

[1] 九-一八事变 jiǔ yī bā shìbiàn - The 'September 18th Incident', also known as the Mukden Incident: An aggressive Japanese response to an explosion close to a Japanese railroad in Mukden (currently Shenyang), including the occupation of Manchuria and further events that induced the hostility between both nations, later expressed in the Sino-Japanese War.

[2] 纪念日 jìniànrì - Memorial day

[3] 警报 jǐngbào - Siren

[4] 勿忘国耻 wù wàng guó chǐ - 'Not forget national humiliation'

[5] 日本关东军rìběn guān dōng jūn - The Japanese army stationed in northeast China

[6] 反诬fǎn wū - Falsely attack

[7] 中国军队 zhōngguó jūnduì - Chinese army

[8] 军北大营 jūn běi dà yíng - The big northern army camp

[9] 抗日战争 kàng rì zhàn zhēng - War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)

[10] 中国人民抗日战争纪念馆 zhōngguórénmín kàngrìzhànzhēng jìniànguǎn - 'Memorial Hall for the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japan'; a memorial hall and exhibition center in Beijing

[11] 罪证 zuì zhèng - Proof of crime

[12] 人民解放军 rénmín jiěfàngjūn - People's Liberation Army; the military arm of the Communist Party, formed in 1927

[13]诞生地 dànshēng dì - Birthplace

[14] 侵占 qīnzhàn - Seize

[15] 中小学 zhōng xiǎoxué - Elementary & middle schools

[16] 班会 bān huì - Class meeting

[17] 90后 hòu - Post 1990 generation, Chinese born since 1990

[18] 高校新生 gāo xiào xīnshēng - University new-students

[19] 宣誓 xuānshì - Taking oath

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