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野外黑熊11年来首度现身浙江 - A wild Black Bear has been seen in Zhejiang province for the first time in 11 years! print version
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浙江师范大学(Zhejiang Normal University)[1]鲍毅新,日前在衢州(Quzhou)的古田山[2],拍到野外[3]黑熊[4]的照片,这是从1999年至今,浙江(Zhejiang province)第一次发现并拍到野外黑熊。




Zhejiang Normal University professor Bao Yixin has shot a photo of a Black Bear a few days ago in Gutian mountain, Quzhou. This is the first time a wild Black Bear is discovered and photographed since 1999.

Bao Yixin has recently undertaken a special topic in the national science & technology plan 'supervision of natural resources of major forest species'.

Starting two years ago, he guided the task group members in the national nature reserve of Gutian mountain of Quzhou, installing automatic cameras to monitor animals. Five days ago, a graduate student guided by Bao Yixin, Zhang Shusheng, took out a camera which was installed half way up the Gutian mountain. "An immense figure, black fur..." The sight in the camera photo was extremely surprising. After looking up in multitudinous material, Bao Yixin confirmed that this is the first direct proof of a live wild Black Bear in Zhejiang province since 1999.

Why haven't any Black Bear been discovered in the last 11 years? Bao Yixin explains: "In the wake of the continuous importance given to habitat and environment protection, Zhejiang's rate of forestation coverage is unceasingly increasing. The amount of wild animals is also renewing continuously. Yet, the animals recovering are mostly common species, while big rare animals such as the Black Bear require a longer time period. The current proof of having live Black Bears again, shows that the ecology of Zhejiang province is unceasingly improving.

                      The photo that started it all. Not a man in a costume or a hairy pig after all?

Original item published by the Zhejiang province 台州网 

[1] 教授 jiàoshòu - Professor

[2] 古田山 gǔtián shān - Gutian Mountain, a Zhejiang province nature reserve and mountain, reaching a height of one Km.

[3] 野外 yěwài - Wild

[4] 黑熊 hēi xióng - Black Bear (Asian Black Bear); a medium size bear specie, which in China is distributed mainly in the northeast and western provinces (Tibet and Sichuan).

[5] 国家科技支撑计划专题 guójiā kējì zhīchēng jìhuà zhuāntí - 'A national research plan of sustainable science & technology'.

[6] 物种 wùzhǒng - Species

[7] 资源 zīyuán - Natural resources

[8] 保护区 bǎohùqū - Natural reserve

[9] 自动相机 zìdòng xiàngjī - Automatic camera

[10] 研究生 yánjiūshēng - Graduate student

[11] 半山腰 bàn shānyāo - Half way up a mountain

[12] 大吃一惊 dà chī yī jīng - Shocked, extremely surprised

[13] 资料 zīliào - Material, files

[14] 证据 zhèngjù - Proof

[15] 栖息地 qīxīdì - Habitat

[16] 环境保护 huánjìng bǎohù - Environment protection

[17] 森林覆盖率 sēnlín fùgài lù - Forest coverage rate

[18] 珍稀 zhēn xī- Rare and valuable

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