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A new interesting service is initiated by the Bureau of Civil Affairs, allowing couples to write letters that they will receive 7 years after marriage. It is hoped that such measure will promote more stable marriages and lower divorce rates. This article presents the initiation of such service in Beijing.







Obtaining a red marriage certificate, writing oneself and one's spouse a letter, which will be received seven years later: Since yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs and Marriage Registration Departments in each county are promoting a new free-of-charge service, allowing the 'swan-goose warm feeling' of newly-married couples to leap over a distance of seven years, encouraging them to abide by their love and the marriage promise.

Reporters noticed yesterday that this letter sent by post to a time of seven years later, is formed of one big envelope and two small envelopes. After the newly-married couple writes the letters, they first put them in small envelopes, filling out one's letter receiving address, and after, they insert them into a special big envelope and throw it into a normal mailbox, as simple as that.

"What we write down is glorious expectations for our future life, hoping that when we read it again, 7 years later, some of our aspiration would have already been fulfilled." Yesterday, the newly married couple, Zheng Fei and Guo Yanhong, have officially married in the Haidian Marriage Registration Office. The Marriage Registration Office offered them the free-of-charge gift of 'love message' stamped letter. After obtaining the marriage certificate, the young married couple could not wait to write their newly-married blessings on the pink writing paper and then put it in the special envelope with a 'double happiness' stamp.

Reporters found out that the zip code of the 'love post' is 100099, blessing the newly-married with the message of 'everlasting (love)'. Marriage Registration Offices in each county have not opened this service simultaneously, but it is planned that within a week from today all of them will supply enough special envelopes.

According to what is understood, the divorce rate in this city is growing year by year. The phenomenon of 'flash marriage' is also appearing frequently. 'The Beijing Municipality Civil Administration Statistic Report for 2011' show that among 138104 newly married couples from 2010, 32595 couples have filed for a divorce, in a 4:1 ration. The number of divorcing couples in 2010 is 11582 more than the 21013 couples in 2004, a growth of more than 50%.

Head of the Marriage Registration Office in the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, Wu Bei, says that it is hoped that through this simple and romantic service, newly-married couples will attach more importance to the responsibility in marriage and remember one's promise for the future and to one's spouse, thereby promoting the construction of a harmonious marriage family. 


Original article published by Beijing Daily 北京日报 

[1] 结婚证 jiéhūn zhèng - Marriage certificate

[2] 市民政局 shìmín zhèngjú - Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs

[3] 婚姻登记部门 hūnyīn dēngjì bùmén - Marriage Registration Department/office

[4] "鸿雁传情" hóng yàn chuán qíng - 'Swan and goose express emotions', romantic feelings

[5] 邮筒 yóu tǒng - Mailbox

[6] 新人 xīnrén - Newly married couple, bride & groom

[7] 婚姻登记处 hūnyīn dēngjì chù - Marriage Registration Office

[8] 小两口 xiǎo liǎng kǒu - Young married couple

[9] 迫不及待 pò bù jí dài - Cannot wait, too impatient

[10] 祝福 zhùfú - Blessing

[11] "囍" xǐ - 'Double happiness character'; a lucky sign which is marked (or hanged) as a bless of happiness

[12] 天长地久 tiān cháng dì jiǔ - 'The sky is wide the earth is long lasting'; everlasting, often expressed within a romantic couple, as a devotion for an everlasting love

[13] 离婚 líhūn - Divorce

[14] "闪离" shǎn lí - 'Flash divorce', referring to couples who divorce fast after getting married in a 'flash' speed ('闪婚' ('flash marriage') refers to couples who marry soon after first meetig).

[15] 《二○一○年北京市民政事业发展统计报告》2011 nián běijīng shìmín zhèng shìyè fāzhǎn tǒngjì bàogà - 'The Beijing Municipality Civil Administration Statistic Report for 2011', a report on certain civil affairs in the Beijing area, including marriage and divorce stats.

[16] 处长 chù zhǎng - Head of office