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公安部展开围捕"地沟油产业链",抓获犯罪嫌疑人32名 - The police destroyed the network of gutter-oil production, arresting 32 suspects print version
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A network of production and distribution of gutter oil, made out of restaurants' leftover oil and sewer water, which was established in Zhejiang province has been brought to the news already in March 2011. At present, 32 suspects were arrested for forming this network, which sold the produced gutter oil to several other provinces.


案件回到今年3月,浙江(Zhejiang province)宁海(Ninghai)公安机关发现有人利用餐厨垃圾、煎炸废油和污水[8]炼制[9]地沟油。记者跟随宁海警方[10]来到地沟油炼制窝点[11]。

近日,公安部针对山东(Shandong province)济南(Jinan)的格林生物能源有限公司[12]展开围捕[13],抓获犯罪嫌疑人32名!

记者对这些犯罪嫌疑人进行了逐一采访。据了解,地沟油以每吨5000元的价格,转售给了江苏(Jiangsu province)和山东的商户。这其中山东的商户就是济南格林生物能源有限公司。

The 'small case' of gutter oil actually concerns the life of hundreds of millions of people. According to what is understood, gutter oil brings about severe harm to the human body, from as little as abdominal pains and diarrhea up to cancer (when eating for a long period of time)! This time it took 4 months for the Ministry of Public Security (or the police) to destroy the huge 'gutter oil industry chain', arresting 32 suspects, while detaining more than a 100 tons of gutter oil leftovers.

The case goes back to March this year, as the police body of Ninghai, Zhejiang, discovered some people utilize food leftovers, frying with used oil and sewage water, refining gutter oil. Reporters followed the Ninghai police to the gutter oil refining 'nest'.

In the past few days, the police unfolded and seized the 'Gelin Shengwu Nengyuan Youxiang Gongsi' business in Jinan, Shandong, arresting 32 criminal suspects.

Reporters have interviewed these suspects one by one. According to what reporters understand, the gutter oil costs 5000 yuan per ton, which was sold to businesses in Jiangsu and Shandong. This time, the Shandong business was the Jinan company 'Gelin Shengwu Nengyuan Youxiang Gongsi'.

[1] 案件 ànjiàn - Case (law case, police case, etc)

[2] 地沟油 dì gōu yóu - Underground, sewer, gutter oil

[3] 腹痛腹泻 fù tòng fù xiè - Abdominal pain, diarrhea

[4] 癌 ái - Cancer

[5] 公安部 gōngānbù - Ministry of Public Security, police

[6] 犯罪嫌疑 fànzuì xiányí - Criminal suspect

[7] 扣押 kòuyā - Detain

[8] 污水 wūshuǐ - Sewage

[9] 炼制 liàn zhì - Refine

[10] 警方 jǐngfāng - Police

[11] 窝点 wō diǎn - 'Nest', base of activity

[12] 格林生物能源有限公司 gé lín shēngwù néngyuán yǒuxiàngōngsī - Gelin Shengwu Nengyuan Youxiang Gongsi; a Jinan company the supplies animal oil and different food products

[13] 围捕 wéi bǔ - Seize, capture

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