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China's Foreign Ministry responds to accusations of selling weapons to the Gadhafi regime and not allowing the unblock of Gadhafi's capital in favor of the new Libyan leadership








In a press conference held by the Foreign Ministry, reporters inquired concerning the reports that in July this year, a Libyan delegation has come to China and met with a Chinese company, signing a weapon purchase agreement, and asked whether this Chinese conduct is a violation of resolutions made by the UN Security Council? According to other information, the Chinese business has perhaps sold weapon to the Libya state through a third party.

Spokeperson of the Foreign Ministry, Jiang Yu, said that the Chinese government departments know nothing about such events. Gadhafi's state has sent people to China in July and met with very few members of a Chinese company, though the company did not sign a military trade agreement, nor did it offer the Libyan side military products for sale.

Jiang Yu explained that China's military export is always discreet, and strict regulation are implemented concerning military product export, any army product export must undergo strict governmental examination & approval.

Jiang Yu emphasized that China's government strongly implements the 1970 and 1973 UN Security Council resolutions, and is clearly demanding from all military trade companies not to violate the decided export regulations.

Some reporters mentioned that relevant personnel said that the Chinese side is obstructing the Security Council's sanction of unfreezing the Libyan government capital.

"The Chinese side in principle doesn't have a problem with unfreezing of Libyan property, but in line with the spirit of responsibility for the Libyan people. The Chinese side and some other Security Council members believe that the above mentioned application still requires further clear-cut supervision mechanism", Jiang Yu said. "After the applicant countries submit further information, China will participate in such talks."

Jiang Yu also mentioned that when the Libya crisis erupted, China offered assistance to Libya neighbor countries, helping to find a place for Libya refugees and after providing humanitarian help to Libya.

Original article published by 京华网 jinghua.cn

[1] 外交部 wàijiāobù - Foreign Ministry

[2] 发布会 fābùhuì - Press conference

[3] 代表团 dàibiǎotuán - Delegation

[4] 购买武器 gòumǎi wǔqì - Purchase weapons

[5] 安理会 ānlǐhuì - UN Security Council

[6] 第三方 dìsānfāng - A third party

[7] 发言人 fāyánrén - Spokeperson

[8] 不知情的情况下 bùzhī qíng de qíngkuàngxià - Know nothing about the situation

[9] 政权 zhèngquán - State power

[10] 军贸 jūn mào - Military trade

[11] 出口 chūkǒu - Export

[12] 军品 jūnpǐn - Military products

[13] 审批 shěnpī - Examination & approval

[14] 阻挠 zǔnáo - Obstruct

[15] 制裁委 zhìcáiwěi - UN Sanction Committee

[16] 解冻 jiědòng - Unfreeze, unblock (here in the context of unblocking money stolen by the Gadhafi regime)

[17] 监管机制 jiānguǎn jīzhì - Supervision mechanism

[18] 协商 xiéshāng - Consult

[19] 邻国 línguó - Neighbor country

[20] 难民 nànmín - Refugees

[21] 人道主义援助 réndàozhǔyì yuánzhù - Humanitarian aid