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29日,记者探访了济南(Jinan, Shandong province)的一处考研[1]辅导班[2] 。上午11点多,济南的三伏天[3]非常炎热,三千多人挤在皇亭体育馆[4],一起上考研辅导课。篮球场[5]的中间悬挂一块巨大的幕布,当做超大号的黑板[6] ,以保证每个角落里的学生都能看到。

体育馆外,十几个卖快餐[10]的摊点布满了台阶、门口。12点整,老师一宣布下课,3000多名学生从各个出口涌出去买午饭。去年一个女生给学生卖快餐,一天送几百份,一个暑假[11]赚了一万多元。有的学生躺在篮球场内的地上睡一会儿,以免下午上课太困。由于学校考研的学生多,培训机构[12]每天早晚派班车接送 ,一天至少得发七八辆大巴[13]。
一位同学说,班上有十几个同学考研,暑假都没回家,留在学校上辅导班。济南大学(Jinan University)的一位同学说,班里有一半学生要报名参加研究生考试,毕业找工作太难了,所以同学们要么考研,要么考公务员[14]。

July 29th, reporters came to explore a tutorial class for MA exams. A little after 11am, as the three ten-days period of the hottest season in Jinan are scorching hot, over 3000 people were crowded in Jinan's Emperor Sport Stadium, together attending an MA-exam tutorial class. A huge screen was hanged in the middle of the basketball court, serving as a large size 'blackboard', ensuring that students in every corner can see.

The person in charge of this tutorial class told reporters that in this supersized tutorial class, there are more than 3000 people, an extraordinary large scale, which is very rarely seen throughout the country. 80% of the students are university students, this time accomplishing a 12 days mathematics tutorial class.

Outside the court, many (between 10 and 20) fast food stalls are located all over the stairs and entrance doors. At 12 o'clock, as the teacher declares the class is dismissed, the over-3000 students exit the doo and buy lunch. Last year, a woman sold take-away food to the students, selling hundreds of portions per day, gaining more than 10000 yuan throughout the summer vacation. Some students lie on the basketball court and sleep a while, avoiding becoming sleepy later in the afternoon class. Since the MA examinees students are numerous, the training institute appoints transportation to pick and send off the students in the mornings and evenings, dispatching at least 7-8 large buses a day.

One student said that the class has many (10-20) MA examinees that haven't returned home the entire summer holiday, and have remained in the university campus, attending the tutorial class. One student of Jinan University said that half of the class students wish to register to attend the MA exams. Since finding a job after graduation is so difficult, students wish to attend MA exams, or attend exam for governmental positions (guowuyuan).


Original article published by 'Life Daily', 生活日报 paper.dzwww.com

[1] 考研 kǎo yán - Short for 考研究生, taking the master student entrance exams. In China, BA graduates who wish to continue to MA studies, normally must attend special MA exams, which, except for topic in their desired discipline, also involve some general knowledge, such as English, math, etc.

[2]辅导班 fǔdǎo bān - Tutorial class

[3] 三伏天 sān fú tiān - 'Three bending-over days', the most hot time of the year according to the Chinese lunar calendar (农历), usually referring to 30 days around July-August.

[4] 体育馆 tǐyùguǎn - Gymnasium, sport indoor stadium

[5] 篮球场 lánqiú chǎng - Basketball court

[6] 黑板 hēibǎn - Blackboard

[7] 超大型 chāo dàxíng - Super-size

[8] 高校 gāo xiào - High education, universities and colleges

[9] 数学 shùxué - Mathematics

[10] 快餐 kuàicān - Fast-food, snacks; here referring to stands of simple Chinese dishes and take away

[11] 暑假 shǔjià - Summer vacation

[12] 培训机构 péixùn jīgòu - Training/tutoring institute/organization; the institute providing the tutorial class mentioned above. This term usually refers to private institutes which provide special tutorial classes

[13] 大巴 dài bā - Big bus, coach

[14] 考公务员 kǎo gōngwù yuán - Taking the exam for governmental positions. As mentioned, many BA and MA graduates in China wish to work within the governments, and hence attend large scale exams which take place several times per year.