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"7•23"事故已有15名遇难者的家属同意签订赔偿协议 - Families of 15 victims in the July 23rd accident have agreed to sign a compensation agreement print version
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The issue of compensation to the victims of the enormous train crash on July 23rd and the responsibles is still a hot discussion topic throughout China. Here, the Chinese media emphasizes victims' families who agreed upon the offered compensation by the government.

30日18时, "7·23"事故[1]救援善后[2]总指挥部[3]公布消息,目前已有15名遇难者[4]的家属同意签订赔偿协议[5]。26日,交通事故善后总指挥部透露,事故死亡旅客赔偿金标准已确定,将依据国务院[6]《铁路交通事故应急救援和调查处理条例》和《铁路旅客意外伤害强制保险条例》的规定,结合实际情况,赔偿标准每人总计50万元。


温州市(Wenzhou city)鹿城区委书记[8]王立彤说:"工作组的原则就是以人为本[9],怀着关心关爱之心,充分考虑遇难者家属的感受与要求,既要按照法律程序,更要真心帮助。" 

July 30, 18:00; the general headquarters of the aid in the aftermath of the July 23rd ("7-23") accident, has announced that at present, family members of already 15 victims have agreed to sign a compensation agreement. On July 26th, the general headquarters of the dealing with the aftermath of the road accident, has revealed that the damages standard for the compensation for the passengers who died in the accident was already determined, and was set on  a sum of 500,000 RMB for every victim, according to the State Council's regulations of "aid in the emergency of railway road accident and investigation regulations" and "compulsory insurance regulations when railway passengers are accidently injured", combined with situation in practice.

On July 29th, the general headquarters of the aid in the aftermath of the accident has published the news that it has went a step further in communication talks with the families of the victims. The general headquarters has studied the "People's Republic of China's rights violating responsibility law", deciding that the accident compensation standards, regulating the compensation aid for a victim to be 915,000 RMB.

Secretary of the party district committee of Lu city district in Wenzhou city, Wang Litong, said: "The principle guiding the working team is 'putting the person in the center', with a heart full of love and concern, fully considering the emotions and demands of victims' family members. As long as it is in accord with the legal procedure, we will aid with sincerity.

Original article published by Xinhua News Agency 新华网

[1] "7·23 "事故shìgù - 'July 23rd accident', the huge train accident near Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, in which two high-speed trains crashed, resulting with more than 40 casualties

[2] 善后 shàn hòu - Dealing with the aftermath, dealing with the results of a disaster

[3] 总指挥部 zǒng zhǐhuī bù - General headquarters

[4] 遇难者 yùnànzhě - 'The one meeting with calamity', victim

[5] 赔偿协议 péicháng xiéyì - Compensation agreement

[6] 国务院 guówùyuàn - State Council, the chief administrative authority in the PRC.

[7] 《中华人民共和国侵权责任法》zhōnghuá rénmín gònghéguó qīn quán zérèn fǎ - "People's Republic of China's rights violating responsibility law", regulations set by the National People's Congress in 2009, setting standards for compensation for accident victims by the government (in cases the government is responsible)

[8] 委书记 wěi shūji - Committee secretary

[9] 以人为本 yǐ rénwéi běn - 'Regarding the person as the center', a humanistic approach

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