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商务部:猪肉批发价格半年增长38% - Depatment of Commerce: Pork wholesale prices have increased by 38% within 6 months print version
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今年,猪肉价格[1]持续上涨,进入6月份以来涨幅更大。对此,商务部新闻发言人[2]姚坚表示,控制猪肉价格主要还是要靠市场调节[3],国家也准备采取多项措施[4]来稳定猪肉价格。 36个大中城市猪肉批发价格[5],7月初比6月初增长了17%左右,比年初增长了38%左右。姚坚认为,一是饲料[6]价格的上涨,二是生猪减少,三是人工成本的上升。



This year, prices of pork are continuously rising, reaching their highest increase rate since June. Regarding this, news spokesman of the Department of Commerce, Yao Jian, said that controlling pork prices mainly depends on market regulations, and China is preparing to adopt multiple measures to stabilize prices. Wholesale prices of pork in 36 big Chinese cities have rose by about 17% between June and July, a growth of around 38% compared to the beginning of the year. Yao Jian believes that firstly due to the fact that prices of pig food is rising, secondly, there is a decrease in live pigs, thirdly, the cost of manpower is rising.

Concerning measurements to stabilize pork prices, Yao Jian says that the Department of Commerce would complete a task of four steps: First, accomplishing a supervision of market trends. Second, putting central and local reserves on the market in the right timing. Third, each of the commerce controlling departments will also adopt strong steps, stabilizing the supply to the pig products market. Four, strengthening the supervision on the industry of live pig slaughter, guaranteeing that while the market is supplying pork, the quality safety of pork products would reach a safeguard, preventing the selling of unhealthy pork.

Yao Jian said that at present the government has a central reserve of a scale 200,000 tons, therefore in the future, the base of pork supply could increase continuously. Some provinces have already put reserves on the market in the last ten days of June, supplementing market supply. 11 forzen-pork warehouses in other 10 provinces have completed a preparation for putting pork reserves on the market. This could also have a balancing effect on market supply.

Original article published by 京华时报,Jinghua Times

[1] 猪肉价格 zhūròu jiàgé - Pork prices

[2] 商务部新闻发言人 shāngwùbù xīnwén fāyánrén - News spokesman of the Department of Commerce

[3] 市场调节 shìchǎng tiáojié - Market regulations

[4] 措施 cuòshī - Measures, steps

[5] 批发价格 pīfā jiàgé - Wholesale prices

[6] 饲料 sìliào - Fodder, domestic animal food

[7] 市场动态 shìchǎng dòngtài - Market trends, market developments

[8] 储备 chǔbèi - Reserves

[9] 商务主管部门 shāngwù zhǔguǎn bùmén - Commerce competent departments

[10] 猪肉品 zhūròu pǐn - Pork products

[11] 屠宰行业 túzǎi hángyè - Slaughter industry

[12] 市场供应 shìchǎng gōngyìng - Market supply

[13] 冻猪肉库 dòng zhūròu kù - Warehouse of frozen pork

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