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This article refers to an annual matchmaking event taking place in Wuhan each year. Rich men pay 100,000 yuan to watch and meet pretty girls, who display their physical features. The story of one of the girls is presented here.



当记者问到她如此完美的条件为什么参与相亲会,她不好意思的回答道:"我一直以事业为主,没有时间顾及感情。而舞蹈中心又是以单人舞[8]为主,学员以及工作伙伴大多是女性,整个交际圈子[9]很小,都没有什么机会结识优秀的男性朋友。而此次参加 富豪相亲会,希望可以收获一份甜蜜的爱情。"


June 25th, 16:00-19:00, a romantic swimsuit beauty event was held during the Wuhan Rich & Powerful Matchmaking Event.

The pretty girls who participated in the swimsuit beauty event were all obtainers of high education, including quite a few M.A and Ph.D woman students. Li Zhi is one of them, BA graduate. Since the first year of university, she began establishing a dance training center by herself. Nowadays the scale of her dance skill training center is becoming bigger and bigger. Although the head office is installed in Wuhan, the business has branches set up throughout the country with over a thousand of pupils. When the journalist asked her, since her conditions are so perfect, why does she attend the matchmaking event, she replied with embarrassment: "I am all along putting my career at first place, I don't have time to consider (love) emotions. Furthermore, the dance center is focusing on solo dancing, most of the member students and working partners are women, the entire social circle is small, therefore there are absolutely no chances to get to meet outstanding male friends. Taking part in the Rich & Powerful matchmaking event, I hope I could win a sweet love."

Afterwards the reporter addressed her, inquiring about her standards for choosing a spouse. Li Zhi said: "Although this is a Rick & Powerful matchmaking event, I don't care about money at all. My parents are both business people, the income of my dance training center is also high, therefore I see the economical situation as very insignificant. I simply want to find a high quality gentleman, with plenty of charm, who I could look up to and who could elevate me.

Original artical published by Jing Chu net, 荆楚网 (cnhubei.com)

[1] 武汉富豪相亲会 wǔhàn fù háo xiāng qīn huì - Wuhan Rich & Powerful Matchmaking Even; an annual event taking place in East Lake beach in Wuhan

[2] 泳装秀 yǒng zhuāng xiù - Swimsuit beauty

[3] 高等教育 gāoděng jiàoyù - High education

[4] 硕士 shuòshì - M.A, master student

[5] 博士 bóshì - Ph.D, third degree student

[6] 舞蹈培训中心 wǔdǎo péixùn zhōngxīn - Dance training center

[7] 分店 fēndiàn - Branch (of a business)

[8] 单人舞 dānrén wǔ - Solo dance, a single-person dance

[9] 交际圈子 jiāojì quānzi - Social interactions circle

[10] 择偶标准 zéǒu biāozhǔn - Standards for choosing a spouse