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中国国务院委员[1]戴秉国[2]25日在北京会见了越南(Vietnam)副外长[3]胡春山。胡春山转达了越南领导人[4]关于两国关系和近期南海(South China Sea)形势的意见。戴秉国阐述了中方在立场。之前,中国外交部[5]副部长[6]张志军与胡春山举行了会谈。

双方表示,中越[7]关系稳定发展,符合中越两国人民的利益和愿望,有利于本地区的和平、稳定与发展。双方强调要按照"长期稳定、面向未来、全面合作"的原则,发扬 "好邻居、好朋友、好伙伴"的精神。


Committee member of China's State Council, Dai Bingguo, has met Vietnam's vice-minister of foreign affairs, Hu Chunshan, in Beijing on the 25th. Hu Chunshan informed about the views of Vietnam leaders concerning the relations between both countries and the situation in the South China Sea in the near future. Dai Bingguo elaborated about the standpoint of the Chinese side. Prior to this, China's foreign ministry's vice-minister Zhang Zhijun had held talks with Hu Chunshan.

Both sides expressed that a stable development of China-Vietnam relations is in accord with the interests and wishes of the people of both nations, and is also beneficial to the peace, stability and development of the region. Both sides emphasized that they should carry on a spirit of 'good neighbors, good friends, good partners', according to the principles of 'long-term stability, facing the future and all-round collaboration'.

The two sides expressed that they should dynamically set a common understandings between leaders of both countries, and peacefully solve the maritime dispute between the two nations, through negotiations; adopt effective measurements, and mutually defend a peaceful stability in the South China Sea; accelerate the progress of discussions about 'an agreement upon basic principles, solving the China-Vietnam maritime problem', sign an agreement as early as possible and promote the implementation of 'a declaration of each side's actions in the South China Sea'.

Original item published by  the Xinhua new agency 新华网

[1] 中国国务院委员 zhōngguó guówùyuàn wěiyuán - Committee member of China's State Council (State Council is the chief administrative authority in the PRC)

[2]戴秉国 dài bǐng guó - Dai Bingguo, 70, a politician and diplomat, an important personnel in China's foreign policy under the administration of chairman Hu

[3] 副外长 fù wàizhǎng - Vice-minister of foreign affairs

[4] 领导人 lǐngdǎorén - Leader (here in the context of the leaders of a country)

[5] 外交部 wàijiāobù - Foreign ministry

[6] 副部长 fùbùzhǎng - Vice-minister

[7] 中越 zhōng yuè - China-Vietnam (short for 中国-越南)

[8] 基本原则 jīběn yuánzé - Basic principles

[9]协议 xiéyì - Agreement