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考生高考首日跳楼 被否认因迟到被拒入场 - A student has jumped of a building on the first day of the College Entrance Exam, it is denied that he was not allowed to attend the exam because of arriving late print version
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跳楼男生叫吕品, 18岁,隆回一中高三[4]的学生。隆回一中学生介绍,跳楼男生曾因心理问题请假近一个月,考试前夜父母特地赶来做工作[5],要求他参加高考。一名自称吕品父亲、微博[6]名为"悲痛欲绝[7]的吕清华"的网友,8日凌晨发布微博称,吕品莫名死在宿舍楼旁,"我怀着悲痛欲绝的心情向社会各界求助,讨回一个公道[8]"。



June 7th, morning, the first day of the College Entrance Examination (Gaokao), a few minutes before the language course exam begins. A 3rd year high-school student in Longhui county, Hunan province, jumps of the dormitory building. As the injury is very severe, rescue efforts were ineffective in preventing his death. Some internet users have spread (the rumor) that because the student was late and not allowed to attend the examination, he gave up his life.

The student who jumped from the building is called Lu Pin, 18, a 3rd year high-school student in Longhui. A student in Longhui has explained that the guy who fell from the building has missed almost one month (of classes) in the past, because of mental problems. On the night before the exam, his parents came especially to persuade him, demanding that he attends the exam. A person who calls himself Lu Pin's father, and has a micro-blog name of 'the grieved Lu Qinghua', has posted a micro-blog message on the dawn of the 8th, regarding the indescribable death of Lu Pin on the side of the dormitory building, "with emotions filled with immense grieve I address all circles of society asking for aid, demanding some justice."

Did an incident of a student jumping from a building really take place in the first exam day in Longhui county? Vice minister of the Department of Propaganda in Longhui county, Luo Jiacheng, says that the time the student has jumped from the building was earlier than the official time of the exam, therefore it is impossible that because of being late for the exam and being prevented from entering the exam site by the supervising teachers, that the student has committed suicide. According to an explanation given by director of Public Security Bureau of Longhui county, Tan Zhutian, this student has experienced some mood problems about half a month before the Gaokao, along with phenomenon of sleep problems. He firmly believes that the student's suicide has to do with his 'exam phobia'.

On the afternoon, after the hospital already confirmed the death, family members of the deceased, had driven a vehicle and dashed against the school's gate, and placed the deceased remains in the doorway of the reception office, broadcasting funeral music, while the afternoon Gaokao exam had already began. The guards had no choice but to dial 110. Dozens of policemen have consulted with the family members, while the family was very emotional, not finishing before the afternoon exam was completed. Under the organization of school supervisors, the examinees left the exam hall through the back door.

Original article taken from 新化报业网

This story has intensified debates concerning two problems associated with the Gaokao: One is the high pressure examinees experience before and during the exam (a problem widely discussed for many years already), and the other is the very strict exam regulations, such as the infelxibility towards students who arrive late, like in the story described above.

[1] 高考 gāokǎo - College Entrance Examination; the extremely important exam high-school (gao zhong) student attend in the end of their studies (June 7-8), determining which class of universities on could apply for

[2] 语文科目 yǔwén kēmù - Language subject, one of the courses tested in the College Entrance Examintion

[3] 跳楼 tiào lóu - Jump of a building

[4] 高三 gāo sān - High school 3rd year; last year of high-school, when student attend the Gaokao examination

[5] 做工作 zuògōng zuò - 'Do a work', meaning to persuade someone to do something

[6] 微博 wēi bó - 'Micro-blog',  a service provided by some social network site and programs (such as Twitter), of sending short messages, status reports, personal opinions, etc, which reach friends who use similar service

[7] 悲痛欲绝 bēitòng yù jué - Extremely grieved

[8] 公道 gōngdào - Justice

[9] 宣传部 xuānchuán bù - Department of Propaganda

[10] 副部长 fùbùzhǎng - Vice-minister

[11] 监考 jiān kǎo - Exam supervisor

[12] 公安局 gōngānjú - Public security bureau, police

[13] 主任 zhǔrèn - Director

[14] 失眠 shīmián - Insomnia, sleep problems

[15] "惧考情绪" jù kǎo qíngxù - Exam-fear emotions, exam panic

[16] 确诊 quèzhěn - Diagnose definitely

[17] 尸体 shītǐ- Corpse, remains

[18] 传达室 chuándáshì - Reception office

[19] 哀乐 āiyuè - Funeral music

[20] 保安 bǎoān - Security, guards

[21] 警察 jǐngchá - Police

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