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中共中央办公厅,国务院办公厅最近发布了《关于领导干部报告个人有关事项的规定》。 在这个规定中说,领导干部应该报告自己的收入,房产,投资这一些信息。 这个规定引起了很多外国媒体的注意。

法新社报道说, 中国政府最近发布了更加严厉的反对腐败的政策。 这个媒体用胡锦涛主席的话说,反对贪污官员和共产党的将来有密切的关系, 所以必须向腐败宣战,和腐败斗争。


媒体还认为, 新规定表明了中国政府和腐败斗争的决心。

美联社说, 这一次中国政府发布的反腐新规定,不仅是面对中国共产党党内的官员,甚至一些非党派人士和在国营公司工作的官员也需要报告自己收入和财产情况。

美联社还说, 普通的中国人抱怨官员的腐败太严重,而中国的领导人也认为腐败大大地威胁到国家的稳定。

美国彭博新闻社也报道了中国政府反对腐败的新规定。 文章说, 中国政府发布了到现在最严厉的反腐败规定, 被这个规定监督的人不但有高层的领导, 还包括几乎所有的中层领导。

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party general office and the State Council's general office have recently issued "regulations concerning reports by the leading cadre about individual members". According to these regulations, members of the leading cadre should report details such as one's income, property and investments. These regualtions have received the attention of the foreign press.

The AFP (Agence France-Presse) has reported that recently the Chinese government even more severe policies against corruption. The media agency quotes statements made by Chairman's Hu Jintao, claiming that opposing corrupted officials has strong connection with the future of the Communist Party, hence a war against corruption must be declared.

According to the report, since long ago, corrupted Chinese officials have normally put their illegal property in the hands of family members or could keep it in foreign bank account of relatives living abroad. Thus, in order to prevent such actions from taking place, the new policies obligates the leading cadres to report any change in their marriage status and inform about the situation concerning one's husband, wife and children.

Journalists believe that the new policies show the Chinese government determination to fight corruption. AP (Associated Press) claims that such policies aren't merely targeted against officials in the Communist Party, as non-partisan officials who work in state-run enterprises must report about their income and property situation as well.

AP has added that in addition to common Chinese who complain about the severe problem of corruption, Chinese leaders also believe that corruption is a great danger to the country's stability.

The American Bloomberg's Press has also reported about the new Chinese government's policies against corruption. An article published claims that these are the sternest policies against corruption which the Chinese government has issued to date, and such policies not only high-level leaders under supervision, but also middle-level leaders.


中共中央 (zhōnggòngzhōngyāng) - Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. The Highest authority within the Chinese Communist Party, comprised of about 300 members.
国务院 (guówùyuàn) - State Council, the chief administrative authority in the PRC.
领导干部 (lǐngdǎogànbù) - Leading cadres, the meaning here is to any CP cadre of a high position
贪污官员 (tānwūguānyuán) - Corrupted officials
国营公司 (guóyínggōngsī) - State-owned enterprise