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中国成为第2大奢侈品消费国 - China has become the second biggest consumer of luxury goods print version
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全球奢侈品[1]市场[2]报告显示,奢侈品市场已彻底走出金融危机[3]的影响,2010年全球市场规模达1720亿欧元(Euro)(2540亿美元),超出公司去年预期的1680亿欧元,中国已经超过日本(Japan)成为全球第二大奢侈品消费国[4]。2011年以来,奢侈品大品牌[5]路威酩轩(Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)、巴宝莉(Burberry)、PPR (PRTP.PA)、TOD的销售[6]数据都超过了市场预期。


报告称,2010年美国市场的奢侈品销售量上升12%,欧洲(Europe)6%,而亚洲(Asia)则达到22%,中国内地的奢侈品销售增长了30%。中国是销量增长最快的国家,奢侈品销售预计将增长25%,至115亿欧元。 印度(India)销售不足,并且印度人偏爱传统服装[8]和国内首饰[9],这使欧洲的奢侈品品牌很难流入印度市场。

A report on the world's luxury goods market shows that this market is already completely uninfluenced by the global financial crisis, and that in 2010, the scope of the world's luxury goods market has reached 172 billion Euro ($254 billion), exceeding the prediction by companies, which was 168 billion Euro for 2010. China has already passed Japan as the world's second luxury goods consuming nation. Since the beginning of 2011, sales data of luxuries brands Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Burberry, PPR, TOD have all exceeded the market's prediction.

The report informs that in 2010 the luxuries market has established a new sales record. Data shows that in 2010 the scope of the luxuries market has reached 172 billion Euro, exceeding the level prior to the financial crisis (12% increase compared to the 153 billion Euro in 2009). In 2011, consumerism of luxuries has completely recovered and returned to its normal trend, continuing with a high growth. Sales of the entire world's luxurious items will reach 185 billion Euro, exceeding last year's 172 billion.

The report states that in 2010, sales volume of the US luxuries market rose by 12%, in Europe the volume of sales grew by 6%, while in Asia the growth reached 22%, including a 30% growth in consumerism of luxury goods in mainland China. China is the country in which the volume of sales grows most rapidly, and the forecast is that sales of luxuries items in China will grow by 25%, reaching 11.5 billion Euro. Sales in India aren't as high; furthermore, Indian people prefer traditional apparel and domestic jewelry, therefore European brands of luxury goods find it difficult to enter the Indian market.

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[1]奢侈品 shēchǐ pǐn - Luxury goods

[2] 全球奢侈品市场 quánqiú shēchǐ pǐn shìchǎng - Global luxury goods market, the sales of products, which aren't considered as necessities and are purchased by consumers of high income, worldwide. Gucci, Burberri, Armani, Luis Vuitton and PPR are some of this market's leading brands.

[3] 金融危机 jīnróng wēijī - Financial crisis, referring to the global crisis which hit the world in late 2009.

[4] 消费国 xiāofèi guó - Consuming nation, consumerism by residents of a certain country

[5] 品牌 pǐnpái - Trademark, brand-name

[6] 销售 xiāoshòu - Sales

[7] 销量纪录 xiāoliàng jìlù - Record of sales volume, a new high record of sales

[8] 服装 fúzhuāng - Apparel

[9] 首饰 shǒushì- Jewelry

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