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西媒对中美人权对话期望不高 - Western media doesn't express high hopes concerning the China-US Human Rights Dialogue print version
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《环球时报》[1]报道 第16轮中美人权对话[2]今天26日在北京开幕[3]。西方媒体称气氛有些紧张。西方媒体对该对话不抱太高的期望。《纽约时报》(New York Times) 23日透露:对话在北京召开,却由华盛顿(Washington)率先宣布,违反外交惯例[4]。最近的迹象表明,中美政府间人权对话的作用不大。"通常是西方国家指出中国的问题。"


人权问题近期导致中美关系持续紧张。美国国务院(American State Council)4月8日发表国别人权[8]报告批评中国,中国9日发表《2010年美国的人权纪录》[9]予以回击[10]。据法新社[11](Agence France-Presse) 25日报道,刚退休的古巴(Cuba)领导人卡斯特罗(Castro)24日也撰文指责美国在人权问题上"伪善"[12],称美国人权现在处于不良的状态,美国不是"世界的人权法官[13]"。

Global Times reports that the 16th round of China-US Human Rights Dialogue begins today, April 26th, in Beijing. Western media claims the atmosphere is rather nervous, and that it doesn't hold great expectation towards this dialogue. The New York Times revealed on the 23rd that although the dialogue is held in Beijing, Washington is taking the initiative, which isn't according to the normal diplomatic practice. Recent signs indicate that the effect of the human rights dialogue between Chinese and American governments isn't big. "Normally the western countries point out China's problems."

Wang Fan, professor of foreign affairs in the International-Relations Research Center, has expressed, regarding the Global Times' report, that there are more than 60 mechanisms of dialogue between China and the US, and the Human Rights Dialogue is only one of them. Hoping that the Human Rights Dialogue will have a big meaningful effect on China-US relations is unrealistic. However, it is a good thing that the two sides can explore slowly. Even if this cannot facilitate mutual understanding, it can define where there are differences and remove unnecessary misunderstandings. Wang Fan said that human rights is one of the domains concerning which China and the US have most differences of opinion. The problem of the US lies in the fact that it always lectures others, while it actually hasn't settled its own problems. This makes her legitimacy to teach others weaken.

Recently, the human rights issue causes continuous nervousness in the China-US relations. US State Council has published on April 8th the Human Rights Report, which criticizes China, China has issued on the 9th 'the 2010 US human rights records', giving a counterattack. According to report of AFP on April 25th, Cuba leader who had just retires, Castro, on the 24th has also wrote articles, criticizing US 'hypocrisy' on the issue of human rights, saying that currently American human rights is in bad conditions, and that US isn't the "world's human rights judge".

Based on an article published on 浙江在线新闻网站 Zhejiang Online News Website, April 27th

[1] 《环球时报》huánqiú shíbào - World Times; a Chinese daily newspaper under the administration or the People's Daily. The World Times has an international circulation and discusses topics which are relevant in the international level.

[2] 中美人权对话 zhōngměi rénquán duìhuà - 'China-US human rights dialogue', a dialogue which began in 1990 and this year is held for the 16th time on April 27-28, Beijing. The US side aims to focus on issues such as freedom of speech in China, detentions, arrests and convictions.

[3] 开幕 kāimù - 'Raise the curtain', begin

[4] 外交惯例 wàijiāo guànlì - Diplomatic practice

[5] 外交学院国际关系研究所 wàijiāo xuéyuàn guójì guānxì yánjiūsuǒ - Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University; China Foreign Affairs University was established in 1984, Beijing and remains a relatively small academic research center in the field of foreign affairs.

[6] 机制 jīzhì - Mechanism

[7] 资格 zīgé - Qualifications, legitimacy

[8] 国别人权报告 guó biérén quán bàogào pīpíng zhōngguó - Human rights report; an annual report issued by the US State Council, which expressed criticism towards China as well as other countries.

[9] 《2010年美国的人权纪录》nián měiguó de rénquán jìlù  - 'Human Rights Records of the US in 2010', a report issued by the Information Office of China's State Council on April 9th, which was a counterattack to the US report. China aimed to demonstrate US double standards in its report.

[10] 回击 huíjī - Counterattack

[11] 法新社 fǎxīnshè - Agence France-Presse (AFP), a French news agency established in 1944.

[12] "伪善" wěishàn - Hypocrisy

[13] 法官 fǎguān - Judge

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