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人社部称争取工资每5年翻一番 - Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security says it will strive to double the salary every 5 years print version
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中广网[1]报道, 18日在全国劳动关系工作座谈会[2]上人力资源和社会保障部[3]副部长[4]杨志明表示,中国计划在「十二五[5]」(2011-2015年)期间实现职工工资增长翻一番[6]。





According to a report of, in an April 18th forum of China's labor work, Yang Zhiming, Vice Minister of Human Resources (HR) and Social Security announced that China plans realize a double increase in wages during the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015).

Concerning the question of how to further supervise the salary of managers of state-owned-enterprises (SOE) and increase the average annual minimum-wage level of the general public, Yang says China will increase the minimum wages step by step, attempting to realize more than a 13% increase in minimum wages. Yang emphasizes that while achieving a 13% increase of minimum wages, efforts will be put to achieve a 15% increase in wages of workers, this way realizing a 'turning over' and increase during the 12th Five Year Plan.

Yang indicated that if we want to form a reasonable and well-organized income distribution structure, this cannot be done without serious supervision over the salary of SOE managers. He revealed the Ministry of HR and Social Security is studying closely how to formulate a reform method for salaries of SOE managers. He gave an example, saying that the average salary of SOE managers had reached an average of 680,000 RMB in 2009, among whom 90% earned more than 1 million RMB. Regarding this situation, the Ministry of HR and Social Security says it will strive to reach a solution for the present situation, in which no norms and standards in salaries exist.

Concerning the problem of wage arrears to farmers, which is continuing for many years without being resolved, Yang says that hard work will be done by the Ministry of HR and Social Security, hoping that after a few years no such arrears will exist throughout the country. Peasant workers will be paid this year for arrears in more than 10 provinces, including Zhejiang, Tianjin and Chongqing. Arrears in more than half of the provinces will be paid for by next year, while arrears in the entire country will be paid for by the following year.

Concerning the offence of back-payment, formed by the Criminal Law, Yang explains clearly that punishment can be executed in the following four cases: Big amount of money, escaping payment, refusing to pay though having enough money and refusing to repay despite of the government's expressive demand. He adds that from today on it is the responsibility of local governments to deal with the case of payment delays.

[1] 中广网 zhōng guǎng wǎng - Short for 中广亚广播信息网络, China-Asia news broadcasting net (, a Chinese internet news portal.

[2] 座谈会 zuòtán huì - Forum, symposium

[3] 人力资源和社会保障部 rénlì zīyuán hé shèhuì bǎozhàng bù - Ministry of Human Resources (HR) and Social Security

[4] 副部长fùbùzhǎng - Vice minister

[5] 十二五 shíèr wǔ - Five Year Plans (中国五年计划) are guidelines given by the NPC and CPPCC, concerning to economical policies and desired developments and their implementation during a five-year period. The first Five Year Plan took place between 1953 and1957. At present, China is entering its 12th 'Five Year Plan' (2011-2015), which so far has yet to be implemented. 

[6] 翻一番fān yī fān - Turn over, multiply, double

[7] 国企 guó qǐ - Short for 国营企业, `state owned enterprise`(SOE)

[8] 工资总额 gōngzī zǒngé - Salary amount

[9] 分配格局 fēnpèi géjú - Distribution structure

[10] 改革 gǎigé - Reform

[11] 拖欠农民工工资 tuōqiàn nóngmíngōng gōngzī - Wages arrears to peasant workers; Fees which the government owes to peasant workers for projects they had completed

[12] 《刑法》xíngfǎ - Criminal law

[13] 「恶意欠薪罪」èyì qiàn xīn zuì - `Malice back-pay offence`, the offence of not paying wages or back pay

[14] 案件 ànjiàn - Law case

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