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志愿者高速路拦运狗车, 慈善机构愿出10万买狗 - Volunteers have blocked a truck with dogs on a highway, philanthropic organizations paid 100000RMB to rescue the dogs print version
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On a section of the Jingha Highway, near Zhangjiawan in Tongzhou district (a district within the Beijing administration), a truck containing more than 500 dogs, driving from Henan to Jilin, was stopped and attacked by volunteers of an animal protection organization. These dogs were destined to be delivered to Changchun for slaughter, and were after to be sent to dog-meat restaurants. The volunteers were aiming to rescue these dogs.

Volunteers of China Small Animal Protection Association have driven yesterday, until reaching a road section in Zhangjiawan, where they waited. Finally, they found a truck with a Henan license-plate, carrying a full load of dogs. At noon (12pm), they intercepted and attacked the truck on the highway.

Yesterday after one o'clock, midday, reporters in the scene have noticed a truck stopping and leaning over on the side of a highway. This truck had four levels of iron bar, which were all filled crowdedly with several hundreds of dogs of many kinds.

Meanwhile, the policemen of Tongzhou traffic police and the local police station of Zhangjiawan rushed to the scene. According to the explanation by the truck owner, the truck held 520 dogs, all purchased in Henan. These dogs were meant to be slaughtered, later directed to restaurants of dog meat. He also revealed that they were merely responsible for transport.

In order to refrain from accident, the police signaled to solve the issue away from the highway. Prior to this, the volunteers had already reported this event to relevant animal protection organizations. At 15:30 in the afternoon, a few dozens of volunteers have rushed to the scene one after the other, therefore the traffic in this highway section has been interrupted at once.

Yesterday in the afternoon the temperature was quite high, and some dogs had experienced symptoms of vomit and stupor. In order to protect the dogs from heatstroke, the volunteers found a basin, in which they poured the big volume of mineral water which was prepared in before, giving it to the dogs.

At 10 o'clock yesterday, more than 80 policemen were keeping order in the scene. Up to 1 am today (before dawn), the two parties, which were brought into line by the police, were discussing a way to solve this matter by purchasing the dogs. The philanthropic organization was willing to pay 100,000RMB to purchase to dogs.

[1] 京哈高速主路 jīng hā gāosù zhǔ lù - Jingha Highway, a main road within the Beijing administration.

[2] 货车 huòchē - 'Goods-car', truck

[3] 动保 dòng bǎo - Short for 动物保护 - Animal protection

[4] 志愿者 zhìyuànzhě - Volunteer

[5] 屠宰 túzǎi - Slaughter

[6] 中国小动物保护协会zhōngguó xiǎo dòngwù bǎohù xiéhuì - China Small Animals Protection Association (CSAPA), formed in 1992, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture,composed by volunteers who seek to improve the treatment of animals (read more here)

[7] 大大小小dàdà xiǎoxiǎo - 'Big big small small'; big and small, various kinds

[8] 交警 jiāo jǐng - Traffic police

[9] 民警 mín jǐng - Policemen

[10] 警方 jǐngfāng - The police

[11] 昏迷 hūnmí - Stupor, unconscious to some extent

[12] 矿泉水 kuàngquánshuǐ - Mineral water

[13] 慈善机构 císhànjīgòu - Philanthropic organization

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