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March 26th, Japan's government decided not to accept help from the medical treatment boats of China's navy, coming to the aid of Japan's earthquake disaster victims. Defense officials believe that the destruction in the port and seacoast, in the vicinity of the tsunami disaster area, would make it difficult for the medical treatment ships to berth.

Japan has already expressed gratitude towards the Chinese side, hoping that the acceptance of material disaster relief and other support formats would henceforth promote future collaboration. China Ministry of Defense announced on the 15th, that it considered dispatching medical treatment ships, attending Japan and taking part aid offering. According to what has been revealed by news personage of China-Japan foreign affairs, during the March 19th conversations between Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Japan and China, held in the capital, China's Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi expressed willingness to send medical treatment ships. Due to the (high) frequency of China's navy activity in Japan's coastal waters, Japan's interior government believes that, at present, "although the medical treatment support is an act of good will, accepting China's navy support is still premature."

Yang Jiechi's has also expressed the will to provide money contribution and dispatch medical teams to the Japanese side. The Japanese government is currently in the progress of coordination concerning the acceptance of such forms of support.

[1] 海军医疗船 hǎijūn yīliáo chuan - Navy medical treatment ships

[2] 国防部 guófángbù - Ministry of Defense

[3] 日中 rìzhōng - Japan-China (short for 国)

[4] 外交 wàijiāo - Foreign Affairs

[5] 外长 wàizhǎng - Minister of Foreign Affairs

[6] 捐款 juānkuǎn - Money contribution, money donation