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农业部:瘦肉精暴露抽检漏洞 - Department of Agriculture: The 'lean meat essence' reveals the flaws in meat inspection print version
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根据有关规定,屠宰场[9]必须是国家定点,进场的生猪必须检疫合格后才可宰杀。在南京的某屠宰场记者发现,生猪没有被检测"瘦肉精",就被宰杀了,之后直接打上"肉检"、"验讫"[10]的印章,并且开具"动物产品检疫合格证明" [11]。



The 'lean meat essence' used to raise pigs in farms in Mengzhou city, Henan province (as well as other places in Henan), has produced poisonous pork which was delivered to the Jiyuan Shuanghui food company. According to what is understood, on March 17th, Jiyuan Shuanghui company has launched a market circulation product. Until now, the meat products which were already circulated are of more than 2000 tons, with cold fresh meat reaching more than 70 tons.

Director of the livestock department in Jiyuan city, Chen Xiaomian, says that the quarantine center for inspecting animal by-products in Jiyuan city performs a spot test once every month, carried out according to the 2% spot test proportion formulated by the province. Live pigs which are sent into the place, once are supplied with a standard inspection quarantine proof, are normally not tested again.

Former president of the Shuanghui company says that since raising the inspection proportion certainly takes up time and consumes manpower, it is difficult to guarantee that it doesn't slow down production. "This way of operation reveals the shortcomings of the entire supervision chain."

According to relevant regulations, slaughterhouses must be a state fixed location, and the live pigs which enter them must reach the quarantine standards, only then they could be slaughtered. Reporters found out that in certain slaughterhouses in Nanjing 'lean meat essence' isn't monitored in live pig. Pigs are slaughtered and then are directly stamped as 'meat inspected' and 'examined' seal, and  'animal product quarantine certificate of inspection' is written upon them.

Department of Agriculture: A high-ranked engineer in Nanjing's animal sanitation supervision says: "The scope of our duty is to test for parasitic diseases and infectious diseases." According to relevant documents, the test for 'lean meat essence' in slaughterhouses isn't under the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture and should be under the responsibility of the Department of Commerce.

Department of Business Affairs: Inspection personnel within the Nanjing's Department of Business Affairs say: In the supervision of slaughterhouses there only quarantine personnel of the Department of Agriculture are present. Concerning the result of the relevant selective controlled examination supplied by the Department of Agriculture, if the 'lean meat essence' in live pigs of the slaughterhouses is displayed as positive, they take action.

[1] "瘦肉精" shòu ròu jīng - 'Lean meat essence'; a nickname for food supplements given to livestock in order to increase their lean meat percentage. Such supplements maximize meat production and reduce farmers' cost though add some toxic elements (Clenbuterol, Spiropent, Planipart, etc) to the meat, therefore there different standards for their usage. Lately high percentages of toxic 'lean meat essence' were found in pork in several regions in Henan.

[2] 双汇食品有限公司 shuāng huì shípǐn yǒuxiàngōngsī - A name of a food and meat products company, operating in Henan province.

[3] 市场流通产品 shìchǎng liútōng chǎnpǐn - Market circulation products, products which are offered for sale.

[4] 畜牧局 xùmù jú - 'Department of Livestock'

[5] 畜产品 xùchǎnpǐn - Animal by-products

[6] 抽查 chōu chá - Selective inspection, spot check.

[7] 检验检疫证明 jiǎnyàn jiǎn yì zhèngmíng - Proof of quarantine inspection

[8] 监管链条 jiānguǎn liàn tiáo - Supervision/inspection chain.

[9] 屠宰场 túzǎi chǎng - Slaughterhouse.

[10] "肉检"、"验讫" ròu jiǎn, yàn qì - 'Meat inspected', 'check'; stamps put on meat before it enters the market.

[11] "动物产品检疫合格证明" dòngwù chǎnpǐn jiǎn yì hégé zhèngmíng - Animal product quarantine certificate of inspection.

[12]农业部门 nóngyè bùmén - Department of Agriculture

[13]商务部门 shāngwùbù mén - Department of Business Affairs

[14] 阳性 yáng xìng - 'Yang nature'; positive.

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