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植树节当日 石家庄10万人植树40万株 - Arbor Day: 100000 people from Shijiazhuang planted 400000 trees print version
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3月1 2日,是我国第33个植树节[1],省会[2]10余万党政军民[3]参加义务植树活动,栽下40余万株树苗。




March 12th is China's 33 Arbor Day, more than 100000 government officers and civilians took part in the planting tree activity in the provincial capital (Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province), planting more than 400000 tree saplings.

Starting at 8:30 in the morning, the Xishan volunteer tree planting base, 2500 people, including officers directly subordinated to the Shijiazhuang municipality, troops of Zhushi and officers directly subordinated to the Luquan municipality, have planted tree saplings in the place. As the day passed, they have planted more than 20000 walnut trees. Townsman and office cadre of the family planning committee, Wu Changyi, has already volunteered in the tree-planting activity for more than 30 years. He said: Planting trees is a duty which every citizen should do his best to perform, and persist in doing for a long time.

Except for Xishan, there were also a tree-planting forces of more than 10000 people of office cadres from each district in the city and youth students, who altogether planted more than 50000 elm trees, torch trees and poplar trees. Each county also has developed many types of volunteering tree-planting activities.

"In the recent few years, every year there are more than 5 million people from my city who take part in the volunteer tree-planting activity, planting more than 1300 tree-trunks of different tree types." Director of the bureau of forestry in Shijiazhuang and director of the committee office of city afforesting, Yang Jianqiu said that this year is a key year for the "national forest city" established in Shijiazhuang. Concerning accelerating this advancement, the tree planting activity this year is a big promoting action, calling on city citizens to seize the present plantation opportunity, taking action dynamically, engaging in the plantation activity.  

[1] 植树节 zhí shù jié - Arbor day; a national day which is dedicated by many people, particularly government offices and schools, for planting trees. In China Arbor Day takes place on March 12th each year.

[2]省会 shěnghuì - Provincial capital; this news article depicts activities in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province.

[3] 党政军民 dǎngzhèng jūn mín - Party, government and army people; government and army members.

[4] 直机关 zhí jīguān - Short for 直属机关; directly subordinated bodies and offices

[5] 核桃树 hétao shù - Walnut tree.

[6] 计划生育委员会 jìhuàshēngyù wěiyuánhuì - Family planning committee; governmental committee which is mainly responsible for supervising and carrying out China's birth planning policies.

[7] 榆树、杨树 yúshù、yángshù - Elm tree, poplar tree (respectively).

[8] 市林业局 shì línyè jú - Bureau of forestry.

[9] 市绿化委员会办公室 shì lǜhuà wěiyuánhuì bàngōngshì - Office committee for city afforesting.

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