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女医生发微博希望病人下班后再死的行为,拷问职业道德 - Female Doctor published a Micro-blog, wishing that her Patient will Die once she's off duty; a behavior which leads to Interrogation of Professional Ethics print version
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On February 16th, 00:15, a certain female doctor in a certain hospital in Shantou city has published a micro-blog message through her cell-phone, saying: "There is a patient, her blood's oxygen level is now decreasing, I might have to get out of bed on midnight to bury the dead, but I still hope she goes by tonight. On such a cold night, can you wait until go off work and then die?"

After the 'micro-blog incident' was exposed, the hospital decisively suspended to prescription right of the 27 year old female doctor. The result of this kind of treatment, from the female doctor's perspective, is undoubtedly an extremely severe penalty, and such penalty could influence the doctor's lifetime development. For the doctor, because of talking recklessly, the result of 'talking carelessly leads to trouble' has been brought about. From the spectators' and patient's perspective, the female doctor is 'reaping what she sowed'. After the outcome of the this treatment was announced, since the hospital had punished the involved personnel in s severe manner, it repaid the dead with justice, and also released a breath towards the internet surfers, as if the heads of the hospital were thinking: "You net surfers who love being nosy should be content now!"

But the attention we give the micro-blog is by no means a desire to destroy the future of the female doctor; our interest is neither hoping that he hospital will fall into an unbearable condition; We call the micro-blog in question only because we can see our own misfortunate image in the body of the patient. What public opinion is interrogating is the Shantou hospital's professional ethics; The internet condemnation is merely internet surfers' expectation that the doctor could maintain personal integrity by realizing professional ethics. If the hospital isn't able to achieve the result of providing treatment to the patient, even if it handles the female doctor more severely, then what result it could possibly gain?

Based on an article written by 蒋孟龙 (Jiang Menglong) for Changjiang Net (, a news portal of Wuhan city.

[1] 微博 wēi bó - 'Micro-blog',  a service provided by some social network site and programs (such as Twitter), of sending short messages, status reports, personal opinions, etc, which reach friends who share the same 'community'. The 'micro-blog incident' (微博事件), in which a doctor published an insulting message concerning her patient, is discussed in this article.

[2] 处方权 chǔfāng quán - 'Prescription right'; prescribing medicine, a basic doctor's right and qualification.

[3] 祸从口出 huò cóng kǒu chū - 'Misfortune comes out of the mouth', careless talk which leads to big trouble.

[4] 自作自受 zì zuò zì shòu - 'You receive what you do', 'one reaps what one sows'.

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