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February 24th, already approximately 5800 members of the Chinese side have been evacuated from Libya, returning to China through the assistance of foreign embassy and consulates or transferred to a relatively safe third country.

On 7am, Beijing time, on the 24th, approximately 4200 people have already left Libya and arrived to the Greek Crete island. More than 400 people were evacuated by land to Egypt, part of them have already seized the opportunity to return to China. According to plan, on the 24th, 2000 members of the Chinese side will enter Tunisia. First, a civil charter plane will leave Libya's capital Tripoli at 13:50, setting out to go back, as 223 plane passengers take on the route back home. On the 24th, 18:00 local time, a second charter plane will take off from Cairo International Airport, Egypt, picking up 227 Chinese side members who were evacuated to Egypt from Libya.

Chinese navy escort vessel, carrying out escort vessel tasks, currently in Golf of Aden in Somalia's sea territory, has already set out to catch up the sea area near Libya, in order to provide support and protection to the ships with the detained people, waited to be evacuated to China.

Information the came from the Department of Commerce indicate that the number of Chinese personnel in Libya reaches more than 36000 people.

[1] 民航 mínháng - Civil airplane

[2] 包机 bāojī - Charter Airplane

[3] 海军 hǎijūn - Navy

[4] 护卫舰 hù wèi jiàn - Escort vessel