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Recently, the General office of The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television addressed the Radio, Film & TV Administration department in all provinces, autonomous regions, and province-level municipalities, issuing the "Department of Radio, Film and TV General Office note concerning strict control of smoking shots in movies and TV series". The notice stated that in recent years, the creation, production and projection of movies and TV series continues to flourishingly develop, receiving the universal fondness of the crowd and an extensive attention from all circles of society. Due to the extensive influence movies and TV series have on the pubic, excessive smoking shots in movies and TV series can easily produce negative effect on the public, particularly on minors. As a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle and cultivate a civilized society, we now demand the following:

1.) Marks of tobacco trademarks and related content must not appear in movies and TV series, nor do hidden tobacco advertisements; smoking shots in places where the state explicitly prohibits smoking, or where 'no smoking' signs are present must not appear; situations in which minors buy cigarettes, smoke cigarettes or are associated with tobacco must not appear.

2.) Strictly control the plot and shots that are associated with tobacco. Try the best to use alternative to smoking the express the mental state of the characters and the story's scene atmosphere; when there is absolute need for smoking shots in the plot, one should go as far as possible to reduce the time of the smoking shots.

3.) Radio, Film & TV Administration Departments of each province level, China's Central TV and the governmental Art Department within the Propaganda Department should set a high level example and guide the actions, and take on management and supervision duties.

[1] 广电总局办公厅 guǎng diàn zǒngjú bàngōngtīng - General Office of The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

[2] 广播影视局 guǎngbō yǐng shì jú - Radio, Film & TV Administration department.

[3] 省级 shěngjí  - 'Province level'; provinces, province-level autonomous regions and province-level municipalities.

[4]中央电视台 zhōngyāng diànshìtái - China Central Television (CCTV), China's national TV.

[5] 总政宣传部 zǒng zhèng xuānchuán bù  - China's Propaganda Department; the body that enforces media censorship in China.