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53家动物保护组织要求央视元宵节停演金鱼魔术 - 53 Animal Rights Organizations Demand Stopping the 'Goldfish Magic' in the CCTV Lantern Festival Event print version
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53 animal rights organizations have made a public demand to stop the controversial 'goldfish magic' on the Lantern Festival Event. Prior to that, Yan Dong, the magician who performed the magic "every year has fish" on the New Year Gala Show, has responded to a media interview, stating that he will continue with the 'fish-transforming-magic' on the Lantern Festival event.

In this year's CCTV New Year Gala, the magician Yan Dong performed the magic "every year has fish". He used a whistle, which made the goldfish in the water immediately trained to be very obedient. While it made people astonished, it also evoked a controversy of the suspect abuse of the fish. After the New Year show ended, many arguments about the abuse of fish were immediately spread on the internet. Short after, the magician Yan Dong carried out a response through the media, emphasizing that he didn't abuse the fish, and rather used a magic trick to tame the goldfish.

The Association for Animal Protection in the capital, along with 53 animal rights organizations have addressed the directing group of the CCTV New Year Gala by issuing an open letter, demanding to stop performing the goldfish magic on the Lantern Festival event. The open letter also mentioned that New Year Gala, Lantern Festival Event and large scale entertainment program, should put end to animal performances, hence avoid the harm and cruelty of animals. Chen Lin Chun, general director of the New Year Gala, said that having a goldfish magic performance on the Lantern festival event is only a rumor, and an animal performance has never been arranged.

Yesterday, the draftsman of the open letter, Liu Huili has explained that the letter appeal to stop the performance of goldfish magic is the second open letter which many animal rights organizations address to the New Year Gala. Before New Year's Eve, animal rights organizations had learned that fashion designer of the New Year Gala, Guo Pei, plans to use seal skin for the dress of the host. After animal rights organization had raised their objection, Guo Pei abandoned the original plan and made a public apology.

[1] 动物保护组织 dòngwù bǎohù zǔzhī - 'Animal protection organizations'; animal rights organizations.

[2] 元宵晚会 yuánxiāo wǎnhuì - 'Lantern Festival Event'; 'Lantern Festival' is the 15th day of the Chinese year and the symbolic end of the Spring Festival. The 'Lantern Festival Event' is an entertainment program broadcasted (and produced by) CCTV (China Central Television), which includes songs, comedy and various entertainment items.

[3] 春晚 chūn wǎn - 'New Years Eve', here in the meaning of the main national  TV show, broadcasted on the night of the Chinese New Year. This year the CCTV show was held on February 2nd, the night of the new rabbit year.

[4] 《年年有鱼》nián nián yǒu yú - 'Every year has fish'; Here mentioned as the name of a magic performance, this expression is a common Chinese New Year saying, derived from the saying "年年有余" ('have a surplus, an extra, year after year'), which a common New Year Blessing, thus fish is a positive symbol for of the Chinese New Year.

[5] 央视 yāng shì - Short for 中央电视台 - China's Central Television (CCTV), China's National TV.

[6] 爱护动物协 àihù dòngwù xié - 'Cherish animals cooperation', animal protection association; a group of organizations which support animal right causes.

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