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台北市立动物园发言人[5]赵明杰表示,"团团"目前重129公斤,"圆圆"118公斤。"团团"赴台后不仅增重十几公斤,睾丸也逐渐变大。台北市立动物园熊猫繁殖计划召集人[6]表示,每年2至5月是熊猫繁殖季,发情期仅两周,交配日只有2、3天。据悉,"团团"、"圆圆"以自然交配优先,相关的人工受孕计划也已向有关方面提出申请。 台湾动物管理员平日对"团团"、"圆圆"进行粪检和尿检,并组织每日例行训练。


Huang Yan and Zhou Yingmin, experts from Sichuan's Wolong Panda Breeding Center, have arrived in Taiwan at the night of February 6th, providing guidance for the breeding of pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, which were given as a present from Mainland China. Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, which have already settled down in the Taibei (Taipei) Municipal Zoo, have already reached sexual maturity. Zhou Yingmin is a specialist of human-induced panda breeding. This time he will stay in Taiwan for at least one month, as the human-induced impregnation of Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan is imperative.

Zhao Mingjie, spokesman of the Taibei Municipal Zoo, announced that at present Tuan Tuan weighs 129Kg, while Yuan Yuan weighs 118Kg. After arriving in Taiwan, Tuan Tuan has not only gained more than 10Kg, but his testicles have also become gradually larger. Convener of the pandas breeding plan in the Taibei Municipal Zoo, said that the panda breeding season is between February and May every year, the heat period (estrus) lasts only two weeks and there are only 2-3 copulation days. It is reported that natural mating between Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan is preferable, though an artificial insemination plan has also been presented already to relevant personnel. Personnel in charge of the work in the Taiwanese zoo perform an ordinary manure and urine tests on Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, as well as organize the routine daily drill.

Taibei Municipal Zoo has fixed a date for conducting an abdomen ultrasound examination for Yuan Yuan, preparing for the inspections in her future pregnancy time. The zoo aims to formulate a training plan for a testicle massage for Tuan Tuan, which, except for stimulating the testicles' development, is hoped to be a natural way to collect his seminal fluid in the future.

[1] 四川卧龙熊猫繁殖中心 sìchuān wò lóng xióngmāo fánzhí zhōngxīn - Wolong Giant Panda Breeding Center, Wenchuan County, Sichuan province; a sanctuary established in the early 1980's by the Chinese government, which became in the late 1980's a well developed research center (through the assistance of the WWF).

[2] "团团", "圆圆" tuán tuán, yuán yuán - Tuan Tuan (male), Yuan Yuan (female), , are two pandas which were given by Mainland China to Taiwan in the end of 2008 (both names meaning 'round', name combination 'Tuan Yuan' means reunion, signifying the political meaning of the 'gift'). As the pandas are now reaching maturity, staff of the Taibei (Taipei) Zoo, hope that the two will mate and reproduce in the current mating season. 

[3] 台北市立动物园 táiběi shì lì dòngwùyuán - Taibei Municipal Zoo (or 'Taibei Zoo', 'Taibei City Zoo', 'Muzha Zoo'), established in 1914, is currently the largest zoo in Asia, which serves also as a zoological research center.

[4] 人工受精 réngōng shòu jīng - Artificial, man induced impregnation. 

[5] 发言人 fāyánrén - Spokesman.

[6] 召集人 zhàojí rén - Convener (convention organizer).

[7] 超声波 chāoshēngbō - Ultrasonic, ultrasonic wave.