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“咬着牙的快乐”—中国年轻人晒春节账单 - 'Biting-Teeth-Happiness' - China's Youngsters Reveal their Spring Festival Expense List print version
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The first until third day of the new lunar year, time of the Spring Festival, is the golden hour to visit relatives and friends. Yet, on the internet, peope who expose their Spring Festival expense list are gradually increasing. In the Tianya community, a post concerning "For the 80's generation: Bringing how much money when returning home is enough?", has exceeded 300,000 views, and almost 2000 replies, mostly by youngsters, who feel a heavy burden of due to their Spring Festival expense list.

Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in terms of the whole family reunion. Nowadays, the higher and higher expenses one has, when returning home for the Spring Festival, result in a heavy burden on people. Such people find that for the sake of gifts and 'face', one could only make it difficult for him or herself.

According to netizen Liu Xin, after graduating from university he stayed in Changchun (capital of Jilin Province). The less than 2000RMB monthly salary is barely enough to maintain the apartment he rents, food and clothing and he simply cannot save any money. He wrote: "Working in the government of the provincial capital all along, if I don't bring several thousands RMB when returning home, it will not only be disgraceful towards my parents, but will also make my heart feel sorry.

Yang Enze, whom parents live in Jilin Province, has stayed in Sichuan to work after graduating from university. In this Spring Festival he still doesn't plan to return to his 'old home'. He wrote that he himself isn't comfortably-off during the Spring Festival vacation, as cost is indeed high. Travel expenses alone, going and returning with his girlfriend, are about 2000RMB, adding to that the various expenses when returning home, then less than 5000RMB is simply insufficient.

Concerning this matter, relevant sociology experts believe that Spring Festival is regarded as China's traditional culture and custom, and the significance of a household united together is very high. As for parents, they by no means care how many special New Year purchases or how much money their children give them, and only wish for a reunion. As for children, the only wish to have somewhat of a 'face' in front of their parents when returning home, hence this often leads to some irrational expenses, adding plenty of pressure on oneself.

[1]账单 zhàngdān - Expense list; here mentioned to the context of one's expenses during the Spring Festival.

[2] 天涯社区 tiān yá shèqū - 'Tianya Community';, a popular Chinese internet portal, including numerous blog, forums, games, etc.

[3] 80后 hòu - 'After 80', generation of Chinese born in the 1980's.

[4]人情 rénqíng - 'Human sentiments', here in meaning of 'gift' that are a custom, maintaining or developing inter-personal relation.

[5]面子 miànzi - 'Face', 'prestige', 'reputation'.

[6] 网友 wǎng yǒu - Internet user or member, 'netizen'.

[7] 年货 nián huò - Special Chinese New Year goods.

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