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Spring Festival time, Happy New Year SMSes are numerous, giving China a strong Chinese year flavor, though also making some people worried. China Mobile and China Unicom have showed on February 5th, that repeated transmission and reception of SMSes could have to do with the cell-phone's set-up and the sim card.

The amount of SMSes and MMSes that users of two big operating businesses in Beijing area have transmitted on the day of the Chinese New Year's Eve has already approached one billion, among which 900 million are SMSes. However, several users have informed reporters that in a large amount of Happy New Year SMSes received and sent many duplication phenomena occurred.

On February 5th, reporters inquired the two big operating businesses. China Mobile customer service staff says that the reason for duplication in cell-phone received and transmitted SMSes are quite complicated, and have to do with cell phone set-up, sim card condition and additional factors. Customer service staff suggests that if time of operations is not identical, than the system might believe that one side is continuously sending SMSes. If one cell-phone is always receiving identical SMSes from different people, then one should replace the phone and test it, or possibly a breakdown in the sim card occurred, and one should go the business center and try replacing the card.

Customer service staff in China Unicom indicates that repetition of transmission of identical SMSes, when users send group Happy New Year messages, could have to do with the cell-phone set-up at the time. Users shouldn't be excessively concerned, as by a check of the cell-phone SMSes transmission function it can be seen whether repeated SMSes have been sent. Furthermore, as for the number of times sms have been actually transmitted, as well as more detailed information, one can go to the business service center and seek assistance.

[1] 拜年短信 bàinián duǎnxìn - 'Wish-Happy-New-Year-sms', cell phone messages, sent during the Chinese New Year (usually during New Year's Eve), expressing warm holiday greeting to friends and relatives.

[2] 中国移动 zhōngguó yídòng - 'Chine Mobile' -  Short for 中国移动通信集团公司 (China Mobile Communications Corporation), China's (and some says the entire globe's) most earning telecommunication business, established in 2000.

[3] 中国联通 zhōngguó liántōng - 'China Unicom' - One of the most prominent integrated telecommunications operator in China.

[4] 彩信 cǎi xìn - MMS (multimedia messaging service), multimedia cell-phone messages.