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February 1st, the Chinese Wawu Peace-keeping Engineering Corpsman army troops from Jinan Area Command, appointed to Sudan have sent an email from Africa, wishing 'happy new year' to all the people of the country through Chinanews.com.

On July 2010, the 7th batch of Chinese Wawu Peace-keeping Engineering Corpsman military troops in Sudan were in their headquarters, given the leadership and of Senior CP committee officer of Jinan Area Command, ordering the entire peace-keeping group to be closely united, victoriously providing security in a complicated situation, strenuous working tasks, and other challenges, completing more than 60 tasks in the south of Sudan.  The troops have gained UN approval as a specially appointed group in Sudan, as well as the praise of dispatched groups and local people, setting up a good image to our army.

Alan Le Roy, vice secretary general of the UN Peace-keeping General Affairs, as well as other officials, have successively proceeded to to inspect the camp of the Peace-keeping Engineering Corpsman Troop, and have glowingly praised, one after the other, the outstanding contribution of China's peace-keeping military engineers.

At present, the tasks of China's 7th Sudan Wuwa peace-keeping troops are hoped to already be reaching its end. In the next days, officers and men of the Peace-keeping Engineering Corpsman military troops shall continue carrying on our army's fine tradition, energetically carrying on the joint spirit of "devotion to the motherland, defending peace, valiantly fearless, developing our military prestige". They shall continue writing new glory on the peace-keeping world stage, and wining glory for our motherland by actual action of serving and repaying our motherland and its people, overall developing the good image of China's army.

[1] 济南军区 jǐnán jūnqū - Jinan Area Command

[2] 中国赴苏丹瓦乌维和工程兵大队 zhōngguó fù sūdān wǎ wū wéihé gōngchéngbīng dàduì - 'Chinese-Sudan-attending Wawu Peace-keeping Engineering-Corpsman Military Troops'; Chinese army troops, assisting in the UN peace-keeping activities in Sudan. China began assisting in the UN peace-keeping mission in Sudan in 2005. While some praise this Chinese initiative, some suspect this is a way for the Chinese government to obtain legitimacy for its presence in Sudan and its use of the country's natural resources.

[3] 联合国 liánhéguó - United Nations.

[4] 阿兰•罗伊 àlán luōyī - Alain Le Roy, 57, a French diplomat, Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations at the United Nations.