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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has published in Beijing "The 27th Statistic Report on the Internet Development in China", which shows that up to December 2012, the scope of China's internet users has reached 457 million, increasing by 73.3 million in one year. The scope of cell-phone internet users has reached 303 million.

The report demonstrates that up to December 2012, the number of China's internet users has exceeded the big pass of 450 million, reaching 457 million, a growth of 73.3 million compared to the end of 2009. The number of cell-phone internet users in our nation has reached 303 million, an increase of 69300000 compared to the end of 2009. The equipment for internet surfing of our nation's internet users has expanded to a variety of means. The rate of laptops utilization has grew in the fastest rate. The report shows that compared to 2009, the increase rate of use of laptops to surf the internet was the fastest in the last year.

The Report demonstrates that the number of users who shop through the internet has grown by 48.6%, making internet shopping the user application which expanded the fastest. The report shows that the most common entertainment applications in 2010, of which the increase  of utilization rate is already descending are internet music, internet games and internet videos which dropped to an increase rate of 4.2%, 2.4% and 0.4% respectively, a user scope increase which is quite small.

The report demonstrates that 43% of China's enterprises have independent websites or has established a web store in an E-commerce platform. 57.2% of enterprises use internet to communicate with users and provide inquire and consult service; 42.1% of the small-mid size businesses have E-commerce sell application, among which 21.3% use e-mail, which is becoming the 'most common device for internet sales'.

[1] 中国互联网络信息中心 zhōngguó hùliánwǎngluò xìnxī zhōngxīn - China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), an organization found in 1997,  subordinated to the China's Ministry of Information Industry. CNNIC provides internet services (such as domain registration) and conducts survey regarding the development of internet and its usage in China.

[2] 网民 wǎng mín - 'Net people'; internet users.

[3] 笔记本电脑 bǐjìběn diànnǎo - 'Notebook computer'; laptop.

[4] 网络视频 wǎngluò shìpín - Internet multimedia, internet videos.

[5] 电子商务 diànzǐshāngwù - 'Electronic shopping'; e-commerce, shopping through the internet.