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January 1st, a driver of tourists was surprisingly attacked and killed by a tiger in the Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger Park, Heilongjiang province. A worker in the police department of Hailin city, Mudanjiang prefecture, said that on January 3rd, at about 11:40, a driver of a sightseeing tour, in the province's Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger breeding center, drove tourists inside the tiger park. Since the vehicle was caved in the snow, this driver, after going out of the car, was held by a tiger's mouth and killed. After the incident, local police attended the site immediately and investigated.

Soon after the incident, reporters addressed Mr. Xu, director of Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger breeding center, though he didn't admit that an incident in which a tiger ate a person took place, and added that he already received inquiries from 7 media groups about such incident. Director Xu said that perhaps such info was transmitted incorrectly by tourists, because since the 3rd and 5th an electricity network has been installed in the tiger park, and the park area was closed.

According to what is known, China's Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger cat scientific animal breeding center is today the world's biggest artificial Siberian Tiger breeding base. Since its establishment in 1986 and on, the breeding of the Siberian Tiger which was initially 8 tigers bred to the number of more than 1000 today. Except for the Siberian Tiger, which consists of the biggest number of tigers in the center, there are also two Bengal Tigers, 8 White Tigers and 5 Black Tigers.

[1] 海林市横道东北虎园林 hǎilínshì héngdào dōngběi hǔ yuánlín -  'Hailin city Hengdao Northeaster Tiger Forest Park', known in English as the 'Harbin Siberian Tiger Park', a 356 acres park where about one thousand Siberian Tigers grow and breed, near Harbin, Heilongjiang.

[2] 公安局 gōngānjú - Police Department.

[3] 东北虎 dōngběi hǔ - 'Northeastern Tiger', known in English as 'Siberian Tiger', the largest wild cat existing, located in Northeast Asia.

[4] 繁育中心 fányù zhōngxīn - Breeding Center.

[5] 猫科动物饲养繁育中心 māo kē dòngwù sìyǎng fányù zhōngxīn - 'Cat scientific animal breeding center', another name for 'breeding center'. 

[6] 孟加拉虎 mèngjiālā hǔ - Bengal Tiger, the most numerous of the existing tiger sub-species in the wild, located mostly in India.

[7] 白虎 bái hǔ - White Tiger, not a tiger sub-specie, but rather a color morph of any of the tiger sub-species existing.

[8] 黑虎 hēi hǔ - Black Tiger, a rare type of tiger; not a distinct sub-specie, but a color mutation