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四川救火烈士追悼会举行 胡锦涛送花圈 - A Memorial Ceremony Commemorating the Heroes who Fought the Fire in Sichuan was Held, Hu Jintao Submitted a Wreath of Flowers print version
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9时30分,追悼会开始。全体现场人员为牺牲官兵默哀,表达对牺牲官兵的追思和怀念。追悼会上,宣读了解放军四总部和四川省委、省政府给烈士亲属发来的唁电[6] (对死者的家属表示慰问,对死者表示哀悼的文电)。部队官兵、地方群众、烈士亲属代表共700余人参加追悼会。

Sichuan province, a memorial conference which was ceremoniously held in a camp in the Ganzi military sub-area, Kangding county, capital of Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, on the morning of December 9th in commemoration of the martyrs, who put out the fire and sacrificed themselves to provide disaster relief on December 5th.

Chairman Hu Jintao submitted a wreath to commemorate the martyrs and so did the nation's vice chairman Xi Jinping. Chairman of the Military Commission of the CCP Central Committee, Guo Boxiong and his vice-chairman Xu Caihou also submitted wreaths.

On December 5th, a fire disaster took place in Zilong Mountain, Daofu county, in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Ganzi. 62 soldiers of a camp in the Ganzi military sub-area, Sichuan province, had to immediately catch up the scene and set themselves in the challenge of extinguishing the fire. During the assignment of extinguishing the flames and arranging the site, they learned that behind the opposite Xiawu mountain there is a crowd of people and forests who face a fire threat. The troop lead Li Lie led 17 officers and soldiers in the direction to monitor the fire condition. Since a strong wind, which suddenly appeared, rekindled the old fire, the soldiers who were away from the dangerous situation heard a crowd of people calling for help. They followed the voices and rushed into the fire scene, unfortunately engulfed by the strong flames. Political instructor Li Lie, PLA political instructor Jiao Zubo and 15 other soldiers dies as martyrs.

For the last few days, the heroes' magnificent act has touched a wide crowd of people, and everyone is using various ways to express their respect and mourning feelings towards the martyrs who were killed, feeling a sincere pride towards these warrior heroes.

9:30 am, thee beginning of the memorial meeting. All the attending personnel in the site stood, in a silent tribute for the soldiers who sacrificed themselves, expressing reminisce and cherishing the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves. In the memorial meeting, read out understand People's Liberation Army four headquarters and Sichuan's provincial party committee and the provincial government gave the martyrs' relatives emitted a telegram of condolence. Army's soldiers and the people in the place and the relatives of the martyrs represent the more than 700 people who attended the memorial meeting.

[1] 藏族自治州 zàngzú zìzhì zhōu - Tibetan autonomous prefecture, a prefecture mostly comprised of the Tibetan ethnic minority.

[2] 主席 zhǔxí - Chairman of the Communist Party, Hu Jintao.

[3] 军分区 jūnfēnqū - Military sub-area

[4] 教导员 jiàodǎo yuán - Political instructor, troop commander.

[5] 官兵 guānbīng - Government troops, soldiers.

[6] 唁电 yàn diàn - Telegram of condolence.

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