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On November 21st, Beijing Universi­ty, Fudan University and 7 other universities and colleges agreed upon prior decisions, and published an announcement of uniting in self-managing the examination for recruiting new students. Prior to this, Qinghua University, China's University of Science and Technology and 7 other universities already signed an agreement for managing a jointly given entrance exam for new students.

The jointly given entrance exam of the group of universities is a part in the reform of self managing the method for recruiting students. Although this is related to the quality of fostering university students, this is not an identical discussion topic, and shouldn't be confused with it.

Universities of identical or similar category or rank, in setting up their study courses, managing the study quality, study features and other aspects, posses a certain kind of similar degree. In the aspect of selecting their students' source, there are alternative practices. For example, Beijing University and 7 other schools are basically universities which are good in their integration of humanities, realities, medicine and engineering, yet Qinghua University and other 7 schools lay stress on being strong at sciences and engineering.

Except for this, the above mentioned universities all have their different characteristics and requirements for their source of students, freely setting up many exam subjects, while considering how to apply the results in each subject. Therefore each university decides by itself about the selection requirements, according to persons' abilities. This comparison fully embodies the central meaning of self recruiting students.

From the examinees perspective, who are former middle school students who attend the self recruiting examination, can only select one university at a time. Through the alternative focus on the student self recruiting examination, middle school student basically have no way to attend the university examination in two or more universities. The group of the jointly given entrance exam not only reduces the examination cost and provides more selection options to examinees, but also reduces pressure on the organizing job of universities.

The alliance of colleges and universities and the arising of the realm of self recruiting students, could also lead to a more fierce competition for outstanding students. A competition for the students' source is a common phenomenon in the realm of high education worldwide. Every school has the authority to acquire better students through such competition, who are suitable to its own source of students, just like any student has the right to make his (or her) own choice about his ideal entrance examination.

The jointly entrance exam of the group of colleges and universities, is a positive probation that deserves approval. More alliances in the recruiting of students should appear in realm of high education, mainly according to the level, category and branch of learning. If this could be achieved, the probation of self recruitment of students could acquire even more positive results.

[1] 复旦大学 fùdàn dàxué - Fudan University, Shanghai, rated as the 3rd best university in China.

[2] 高校 gāo xiào - Universities and colleges (or high-schools), high education.

[3]清华大学 qīnghuá dàxué - Qinghua University, Beijing, often ranked as one of the two best universities (along with Beijing University) in China.

[4] 中国科技大学 zhōngguó kējì dàxué - University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui Province (previously located in Beijing).

[5] 自主招生联考 zìzhǔ zhāoshēng lián kǎo - 'Self managed jointly given entrance exam'

[6] 自主招生方式方法的改革 zìzhǔ zhāoshēng fāngshì fāngfǎ de gǎigé - 'The reform in the self recruiting students method'

[7] 大学生的培养质量 dàxuésheng de péiyǎng zhìliàng - 'The fostering quality of university students'  -

[8] 文、理、医、工 wén, lǐ, yī, gōng - General study diciplines. '文' refers to humanities, '理' to sciences, '医' to medicine and '工' to engineering.

[9] 高校联盟 gāoxiào liánméng - 'The alliance of universities and colleges'-