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A trample accident took place on November 29th, 12pm, in the 5th Akesu primary school in Xinjiang. At the time of the recess exercise, pupils swarmed down from upstairs. The pupils in front fall down, leading to a trample. The handrails in the staircase were squeezed, making the kids injured from falling or being squeezed. It is reported that the number of hospitalized children has already climbed to 41, among whom 7 children have severe injury.

Checking for a moment the several trample incidents that took place in schools this year, could make people feel that this already seems to be a minor calamity. The same is true for Xinjiang's Akesu city, where in October 2005 a student trample incident has took place, causing injuries to 13 primary school pupils, among whom one female pupil died. A trample incident that took place on the evening of December 7th last year, in Yucai ('educate the talented') middle school, Xiangxiang, Hunan, resulted with 8 victims, and caused injuries to 26.

What is difficult for people to endure is the fact that each time the reasons for the tragedies are quite similar. Almost every time students are pushed and squeezed, the staircase is cramped, there's no way out, etc. Evidence proves that such kind of tragic trample incidents are very easily taking place in school campuses.

At present, everybody, from the educational administration staff, to teachers and pupils, only value grades. Exam-oriented education leads to the success of the educational administration personnel, gives the teachers good outcomes as well as provides a so-called prospect to students. According this exam-oriented education system, education is becoming more and more deviated from the view that puts the person in center and the values of cherishing of life. Thus, students have no persistence when it comes to maintaining common values and public order. Because students lack belief concerning the value of life and don't stick to public order, the environment of their own existence is also becoming more fragile.

[1] 阿克苏 (ākèsū) - Aksu, a city in west Xinjiang province, near the Yarkant river.

[2] 踩踏事故 (cǎità shìgù) - 'Step-one' or 'trample' accident. This is a type of incident when people get crashed by a crowd, in extremely crowded and chaotic conditions.

[3] 应试教育 (yìngshì jiàoyù) - Literally 'respond-to-exam-education', meaning education which is exam-oriented, which pays attention only to students' success in exams and not to moral or value education.

[4] 以人为本 (yǐ rén wéi běn) - 'Regarding the person as the essence', a humanistic approach which promoted the nurturing of a person and moral values concerning interpersonal ties.