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日本媒体报道称 :中国2艘载有稀土[1]的货船已经出发驶往日本,并分析说这表明中国对日本的稀土出口已经"解禁"(解除禁止出口)。


日本新闻网11月24日也有相关报道,并分析称,中日撞船事件[3]发生之后,中国对日出口稀土曾一度受到影响,这次2艘稀土货船的出港,标志着中国对日本出口稀土已经 "解禁"。


Japanese media reports: The two Chinese cargo ships carrying 'rare earth' have already left port, sailing towards Japan. An additional analysis states that this conduct demonstrates that China has lifted the ban on exporting rare earth to Japan.

Japanese newspaper 'Common Society' reports that Japan's Minister of Economy & Industry, Akihiro Ohata revealed on November 24th, in the press conference that followed the government cabinet council, that it has already been confirmed that two cargo ships transporting 'rare earth' to Japan have left China's port. The news announced by Akihiro Ohata show that China's export of 'rare earth' is gradually returning to normal terms. He is expecting that additional cargo ships also leave Chinese ports after undergoing appropriate inspections.

'Japan Internet News' has also given a related report, on November 24th, providing an analysis that after the China-Japan Ship Collision Incident between, the export of rare earth from China to Japan was affected immediately. The fact that two 'rare earth' cargo ships have now left port, is a sign that China has left the ban on export its to Japan.

News spokesman of China's Department of Commerce reaffirmed on November 16th that China, according to interior laws concerning the 'rare earth' industry, will adopt necessary supervision and restriction measurements in the near future. The inner objective is protecting the environment and realizing sustainable development, in accord with international standards and world trade regulations.

[1] 稀土  xī tǔ - 'Rare earth', a general name for 17 chemical elements, which are often mined and incorporated into many technological devices.

[2] Akihiro Ohata - Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[3] 中日撞船事件  zhōngrì zhuàng chuán shìjiàn - 'China-Japan Ship Collision Incident': An incident which took place on September 7th (2010), in which a Chinese fishing boat which sailed near the Daiyu Islands (钓鱼岛) was hit and stopped by Japanese authorities. 15 Chinese fisherman where held in custody for the next several days.

[4] 世贸shì mào - Short for 世界贸易 (shìjièmàoyì), world trade.