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Plant cream, the type commonly used in China, is more harmful than pesticide. An examination revealed that almost everywhere, hydrogenation cream (plant cream which has gone through a hydrogenation process) can be found as an ingredient in many processed food products. Such cream carries a great danger to the human body's health. Relevant state departments are recently conducting a careful research, directed at the healthiness of hydrogenation cream.

Academic circles have often expressed opinions regarding the need of restricting or prohibiting the usage of hydrogenation cream, but until now we haven't heard any official response, therefore we consume 'poison' almost daily, without having any clue about it. Many American and European countries have already began prohibiting the usage of hydrogenation cream. The US and Europe have, one after the other, openly published legal standards of fatty acids which would be enforced. However, in China, the production of the source of such fatty acids, hydrogenation vegetable cream has yet to be suspended.

The situation in China makes people confused; when it comes to problems which affect people's health and the food and appliance products which create them, there are still no standards in the international level, hence its is difficult for us to control the usage of such products. Furthermore, interactions with countries, which don't employ explicit regulations, disable us (China) from implementing such regulations. Though now, the international sphere is already forcing play, wiping out the harmful raw materials of food products, so we are required to conduct a more careful investigation about products' healthiness. In the past we said that since foreign standard don't restrict usage we have nothing to fear from; now foreign restricting standards do exist, but still we see no urgency. We should rather make an even more careful research than the one behind the foreign restricting standards, and check whether there still dangers which 'foreigners' haven't discovered yet.

[1] 植物奶油 zhíwù nǎiyóu - Cream or butter made out of plant (vegetable) ingredients.

[2] 氢化油 qīnghuàyóu - A plant cream (mentioned above), which has underwent a process of hydrogenation. Such process normally converts vegetable oils into fats, by transforming the unsaturated fatty acids into saturated ones.