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据介绍,今年1月全国社会治安[1]重点地区排查整治工作开展以来,各地区各部门以城乡结合部、"城中村"[2]等治安重点地区为重点,深入排查,强力整治,积极探索工作,取得了阶段性成效。 截至10月31日,各地共排查发现治安重点地区4.3万余个,通过开展"大排查、大整治"[3]活动,改变了2.9万余个重点地区治安混乱的面貌。

会议提出,各地各部门要推动滚动轮流排查和定期排查制度化、规范化,明确部门职责分工,确保把影响社会治安的突出问题查清;要及时组织开展集中打击行动,严密防范黑恶势力[4]犯罪 (中国今年已打掉2394个黑恶势力团伙)、严重暴力犯罪、抢劫等多发性侵财犯罪;不断巩固、扩大排查整治工作成果。

中央综治办[5]主任陈冀平在会上提出,对存在突出治安问题又长期没有得到整治的重点地区,不仅要对当地政府警示,也要追究相关主管部门的责任。 此次座谈会由中央综治办和公安部[6]联合举办。会议总结交流了前一阶段的工作,研究部署了深入推进排查整治工作的各项措施。天津、河北等15个省的综治办和公安厅局负责人,中央相关部门有关负责人参加会议。

According to info presented, on January this year, the task of inspection and reorganizing in order to maintain public order began, and is being operated in some key prefectures. Departments in each prefecture regard the town and country borders, the urban villages, and other main regions as the key points regarding public order. These sections will be examined one after the other, repaired aggressively and go through a dynamic probation work until reaching the desired result for this stage.  By October 31st, after investigating various places, it was discovered that among more than 43000 focal regions in terms of public order, the disordered features in the public security of over 29000 key regions was transformed, through the 'big investigation, big repair' activity.

It was stated in the relevant conference that departments in every region should push forward, one after the other, a systematic procedure for the investigations (including fixing a time schedule), set up their standards, and divide the responsibilities clearly between the different departments, thus ensuring that eminent problems which affect public security will be investigated thoroughly. An operation of centered attacks should be promptly organized and developed. This including keeping a close watch on offences committed by vicious mafia groups (2394 members of mafia groups have already been caught this year), grave violence offenses and plunders, as well as other frequently occurring theft crimes. The achievements of this work should be continuously expanded, while deepening the investigation and repair work.

Director of the Central Office of the Committee of the Comprehensive Administration Chen Jiping has pointed out that prominent public security problems existing and key regions which haven't been organized for a long time. He claims that governments in such locations should not only be warned, but the responsibility of the relevant competent departments should also be looked into. This forum was held together by the Central Office of the Committee of the Comprehensive Administration and the Ministry of Public Security. The conference was concluded with an information exchange regarding the work accomplished on the prior stage, as well as a study of every measurement of examination and renovation which is deeply underway. Leading figures of the Central Office of the Committee of the Comprehensive Administration and the Ministry of Public Security, as well as from other related departments, from Tianjin, Hebei and other 15 provinces took part in this conference.

[1] 社会治安 (shèhuìzhìān) - Public order, public security; here referring to a crime-free society.

[2] "城中村" (chéngzhōngcūn) - An urban village, a neighborhood in a city (usually in its suburbs) which in which immigrants from the countryside reside. The rent of apartments (and some say that the quality of their facilities) in such urban village is lower compared to other city neighborhoods.

[3]"大排查、大整治" (dà pái chá, dà zhěng zhì) - 'Big investigation, big repair', often expressed in the context of important governmental projects which aim to improve and transform a certain field from its surface.

[4] 黑恶势力 (hēi èshìli) - 'Black vicious groups', mafia groups.

[5]中央综治办 (zhōngyāng zōngzhìbàn) - Short for 中央综合治理委员会办公室, the Central Office of the Committee of the Comprehensive Administration.

[6] 公安部 (gōngānbù) - Ministry of Public Security