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各地语文课本删除大量经典文章,鲁迅作品大撤退 Many Classical Pieces Emitted from the Literature Curriculum all over the Country, a Removal of many of Lu Xun's Pieces print version
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编剧刘毅发帖列举了20多篇被删除的课文。其中涉及鲁迅[1]的作品多篇,比如、《药》、《阿Q正传》、 因此刘毅称之为"鲁迅大撤退"。


很多网友认为,删除大量经典作品无论对于老师教学还是学生学习都不利。一位 "阴网友为鲁迅"叫屈":"为什么鲁迅先生被踢掉这么多好的文章,从小他的文章就是重点学习的内容,现在突然大转变,真的是对学生好吗?"



记者了解到,开始于本世纪初的普通高中新课改,率先在广东、海南等四省启动,按教育部规定的时间表,今年,重庆、四川、贵州、西藏、甘肃等也陆续进入普通高中新课程改革实验阶段。 与此前相比,新课本"现当代作品及外作品54篇,其中新选课文35篇,占总数的64.8%。 




Screenwriter Liu Yi published a list of more than 20 literature pieces which will be emitted from study texts. Among these pieces there are quite a few texts by Lu Xun, such as "Medicine" and "The True Story of Ah Q", therefore Liu Yi calls it "the big removal of Lu Xun". More than 20 classical texts appear on the list, already making some internet surfers cherish such well known words, respond with excitement and call in question: 'Since these are classics, why remove them?'

Many internet surfers believe that removing a large number of classical art pieces is unfavorable for both teachers and students. One surfer, named Yin, protest on the injustice concerning Lu Xun: "How come so many of Mr. Lu Xun's pieces are being kicked out; from childhood his pieces consist a focal point of the study material. Is this sudden transformation really good for students?!"

Another surfer expresses with anger: "Why was "Medicine" kicked out?! It really shook me that year!"

Still, a big portion of students support the new literature teaching material. One surfer says: "Many texts are already meaningless nowadays and therefore should be replaced."

Reporters discovered that since the reform in the beginning of this century, the material for courses of ordinary high schools was changed in Guangdong, Hainan and four other provinces. This year, according to the timetable issued by the Ministry of Education, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Gansu and more provinces are also included in this phase of the reform in the curriculum in ordinary high schools, one
after another.

Compared to past times, the new textbooks include 54 contemporary literature pieces and foreign texts, among which 35 are new chosen texts, consisting 64.8% of all pieces.

Concerning prose, Ba Jin's "Small Dog Surrounds Young Brother", taken from Ba Jin's collected works "Random Thoughts", is included. Many of the pieces in this prose collection are a mode of self confession, from self sensitive introspection they gradually become interrogation of the soul of our entire nation. This is the major characteristic of "Random Thoughts", written by Ba Jin.

In addition, ancient poetic prose has also been newly added, like Liu Yong's "Looking at the Sea Tide", Du Fu's "Poetic Thoughts on Ancient Sights", Xin Qiji's "A Chant for the Shuilong (a type of water plant)" and other pieces.

In the novels section, Yu Hua's "Leaving Home at 18" has been admitted. This is an 'absurd novel', written about an encounter which an 18 year old experiences, on the first time he leaves his house. The entire piece is written in the language of an 18 year old, who narrates his story. High school students reading this novel belong to the same as group as the protagonist, therefore they could sympathize and feel close to him.

[1] 鲁迅Lǔ Xùn (1881-1936)Considered as the founder of modern China literature and a key figure of the May 4th literature movement, promoting a new thinking style.

[2] 巴金Bā Jīn (1904-2005 (!)), one of the prominent Chinese authors of the 20th century.

[3] 柳永Liǔ Yǒng (987-1053), a Song Dynasty poet.

[4] 杜甫Dù Fǔ (712-770), a Tang Dynasty poets, one of the famous classical poets, widely translated into foreign languages.

[5]辛弃疾Xīn Qìjí (1140-1207), a military leader and poet, Southern Song Dynasty.

[6] 余华Yú Huá - A popular contemporary author, born in 1960. His famous novels include Brothers (兄弟), Chronicles of a Blood Merchant (许三观卖血记), and To Live (活着), known also for its film adaptation, directed by Zhang Yimou.

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