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Today the State Council has convened the national intellectual property rights protection conference in Beijing, during which Wen Jiabao had some important words to address. He emphasized that protecting intellectual property is a fundamental legalization in term of respecting the creativity work and innovation, and an important content in constructing a country ruled by law and a sincere society. Constructing a nation of creativity and innovation is also perfecting the system of the socialist market economy and thus we must protect intellectual property rights firmly.

Wen Jiabao pointed out that during the continuous promotion of China's reforms, the nation's system of laws for protecting intellectual property rights are set up progressively. The process involves continuing the actions of developing the protections of intellectual property rights, implementing the outline strategy for the country's intellectual property rights, developing an international cooperation regarding intellectual property rights, a clear advancement in obtaining protection of intellectual property as well as arousing the creativity vitality of the whole society.

Our country's intellectual property right protection work is only 30 years old, within the course of our developed nation's hundreds of years, but me must be aware that the situation of intellectual property rights protection is still not adapted to deepening the reforms and the demand of constructing a country of creativity and innovation. Several regions and domains violate such rights by piracy, and the phenomenon of producing and selling fake items while presenting them as genuine is quite grave. We are attaching importance to the problems in the protection of intellectual property rights in the present, and wish to progress and promote the protection of intellectual property rights.

Every prefecture and department should express unification with the central authorities, focusing on investigation and prosecution when dealing with the problems exposed in each and every field, strengthen the cooperation in law enforcement, improve the efficiency of such enforcement as well as restrain any action committed, on the scale of intellectual property rights violation.

In addition, there will be an expansion in the severity of penalties issued by the judicatures. Files for prosecution should be promptly investigated, by firmly looking into the responsibility of the offenders in violation of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, there would be a persistence in both destruction and construction, building a desirable environment for protection of intellectual property rights and extensively develop the education in the topic of intellectual property rights. The government offices should all use legal software.

There will be an acceleration in perfecting the regulations and policies of protecting intellectual property rights, a strengthening of the construction of laws regarding intellectual property rights, while completing the system of policies regarding intellectual property rights protection.

Wen Jiabao emphasized that intellectual property rights protection is an essential task in the development of our country's economical and social development. Each prefecture and department should spread (these points) in every location, together putting this project into effect as soon as possible and ascertain a responsible division of work.

[1]国务院  (guówùyuàn) - State Council, the chief administrative authority in the PRC.

[2] 改革开放 (gǎigé kāifàng) - The reform era, which began in 1978, through which China is becoming a market economy and has become open to the outside world, both culturally and economically.