Fighting rumors: A new way to supervise the Chinese internet sphere 03-10-2011
The Chinese government is adjusting to the growing Cyberspace, while it is adopting new precautions against some forms of political expression. Chinese social networks and the Sina Weibo in particular, are being referred to as a tool to spread 'false rumors', in an attempt to prevent the public from giving too much power the social-internet realm.
Photographer Adrian Fisk talks about his iSpeak China project, focusing on the thoughts of young Chinese 21-09-2011
In an exclusive Thinking Chinese interview, UK photographer Adrian Fisk talks about iSpeak China: The idea behind it, interesting encounters and its acceptance. The project, through which Fisk wishes to promote the understanding of China, has also led to intriguing reactions within China, as discussed below.
Chinese Internet Language – The Creative Netizen Mind 30-08-2011

Much more impressively than the abbreviations used in English (or most languages) online chats, Chinese internet language (wangluo yuyan) has generated a new form of slang. The spreading of new terms through the internet, the games conducted upon Chinese characters and their phonetics, and the motivation to avoid censorship, have all created a new dimension of language and a unique phenomenon.

Chinese and English versions of China's leading news portals – Two styles of journalism 15-08-2011
Some of China's leading newspapers, particularly those with a developed online interface, present both Chinese and foreign language (mainly English) pages. Though some news items are naturally congruent in both languages, the editors seldom simply translate news from one language to another and rather create two distinct news pages in Chinese and English, with different sections, articles and points of emphasis. This article briefly examines the cases in the portal of China leading newspaper People's Daily renmin ribao 人民日报, and the more international oriented China Daily zhongguo ribao中国日报.
Weibo Microblogs – A Western format with new Chinese implications 06-08-2011
Already exceeding 200 million users, an impressive number even when considering the immense internet population size, the Chinese weibo-microblogs format has become a channel for spontaneous expression and platform which is regarded by Chinese media and government with respect, as the leadership allows netizens to express themselves quite freely, while attempting to broaden its self legitimacy through the weibo.
Chinese webpages and exhibitions - An ocean of details in front of the eyes 19-07-2011
The hundreds of titles that cover the homepages of Chinese internet portals, and the lack of variety in layouts between site to site, leave the foreign surfer with a pain in the eyes, as well as curiosity, pondering whether such phenomenon could be associated to other domains and concepts in Chinese culture.
Renren and Kaixin001: China's Social Networks are going on an IPO, while at home competition is going up a notch 29-04-2011
In days when Facebook is negotiating a cooperation with Chinese internet giant Baidu, attempting to create a Chinese version of the social network, the biggest Chinese social network sites, Renren and Kaixin001 are taking their first steps across the pacific, with an IPO (initial public offering) quest in the US. Do Renren and Kaixin001 rely uniqueness or simply their big target crowd when attracting new potential stock holders?
Baidu and QQ aren't willing to remain outside the Chinese Social Network market 29-04-2011
Though social network isn't the flagship of their services, Tencent (QQ) and Baidu are becoming a major competition to Renren and Kaixin001 in the realm of Chinese social networks.
Chinese BBS – The Social Activity that Never Grows Old 05-08-2010
Social Networks have become a hit in China like in most other places, though the strength and popularity of BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), which generally speaking are internet forums and discussion boards, evolution-wise a long distance behind the web2 technology, cannot be restrained.
Chinese Social Networks' Obvious and Secret Advantages Over Popular Western Competitors 28-07-2010
More than 300 million internet users in China don't make Facebook's and Google's life there easy. Web portals, entertainment sites and social networks are all extremely hot among young Chinese, but this doesn't open the gate for the internet giants open wide.
开心网 - Kaixin001: The Happiest Chinese Social Network? 20-07-2010
Already more than two years old, Kaixin001 has managed to become one of the popular social networks in China, in other words, one of the best Facebook wannabes which satisfies the desires of Chinese internet users.