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5月份, 调节控制房地产的政策在紧张的准备中:购买第二套房子时,"认房又认贷"的新标准正式产生,发改委把规定房产税作为今年的重点工作, 财政部要求加强土地增值税的计算。 同时, 在各个地区, 一些更加严格的规定已经产生或者已经开始实施。

因为这些明确的政策, 在全国最重要的城市, 房地产市场出现了房价下降的情况。 在5月, 主要城市的房地产成交量下降。在被检测的30个城市里, 成交的面积几乎全部下降, 总共下跌44%。 在一些城市出现了历史上最低的成交量。 因为房价下跌, 房地产商人在开盘时, 对房子的打折、促销也多了起来。最先降低房价的万科恒大这些公司获得了最先降价的好处, 在过去三个月中它们的卖房成交量排在前两位。

May 2010, policies regulating and controlling the real estate market are hastily prepared. When buying the second house or apartment, the new standard of 'considering both the apartment and the loan' is formally underway. Fa Gaiwei has made regulation housing taxes the primer task this year. The Ministry of Finance demands to reinforce the land-value increment tax plan, while in each district certain stricter policies had already been generated or even implemented.

Because of these policies, in every major China city the real estate market is experiencing a fall in house prices. In May this year the volume of real estate business in important cities has gone down. A survey of 30 cities reveals that land area in recent real estate deals has decreased almost without exception, altogether falling 44%. In several cities the volume of business was the lowest in history. Because apartment prices are falling, discounts and promotions offered by real estate agencies are becoming more common. The first companies to reduce prices were Vanke co. and Evergrande Real Estate Group, which have enjoyed the advantages of offering discounts before other agencies have. In the last three months their sells volumes were ranked in the first two positions among players in the real estate market.


调节控制房地产的政策 (tiáojié kòngzhì fángdìchǎndì zhèngcè) - ‘Policies regulating and controlling real estate' - Policies issued by the Ministry of Finance in response to the frequent fluctuations in real estate values over the last few years.

"认房又认贷"( rènfáng yòu rèndài) - ‘Considering both the apartment and the loan' a saying referring the relatively new regulations, making it more difficult for people who wish to buy their second (or more) apartment to receive a loan.

发改委 (fāgǎiwěi), short for "国家发展和改革委员会" (fāzhǎnhégǎigé wěiyuánhuì) - 'National Development and Reform Commission'  (NDRC), formed in 2003, an agency under the State Council, with broad control over the Chinese economy and is responsible for numerous policies in recent years.

土地增值税 (tǔdìzēngzhíshuì) - Land-value increment tax

万科 (wànkē) 恒大 (héngdà)  - Vanke co. and Evergrande Real Estate Group, two prominent players in China's real estate market.