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三聚氰胺超标奶粉再次超标500余倍- The High Melamine-Powdered Milk has Again Exceeded the Melamine Concentration Standards by More than 500 Times print version
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最近,警方查出,在青海一家乳制品厂, 生产牛奶的原料里的 三聚氰胺[1]超过标准500多倍。这些原料来自河北等地区。

记者7月4号从甘肃省质量技术监督局[2]得知,在三份送来检查的奶粉中, 检验出三聚氰胺超过标准。甘肃省质量检查部[3]门马上通知有关的省,让这些省调查。甘肃省质量技术监督局说,6月25日, 他们的检验中心收到三份奶粉样品,要检测三聚氰胺的含量。

甘肃质量检查部门发现, 三份牛奶样品的三聚氰胺含量是215mg/kg, 1397mg/kg, 323mg/kg. 它们超过标准86倍、559倍和130倍。

从现在的情况来看, 这些奶粉可能是以前还没有被销毁的有毒的三鹿奶粉[4]。

记者从青海省一份内部报告了解到, 7月3日, 海东地区的警方根据甘肃省给他们的消息, 和质量监督部门一起查封了一些有问题的奶粉。 这些奶粉来自民和回族土族自治县[5]的东垣乳制品厂。

警方了解到, 这个工厂最近从河北和其他地区买了奶粉原材料58吨, 从河北买的原材料有38吨, 其中三聚氰胺超过标准500多倍。 现在, 警方已经查封这个厂的奶粉原料64吨, 已经做成的奶粉12吨。 青海省质量监督部门对这些原料进行检测, 发现它们的三聚氰胺含量超标。


6月22日,在甘肃和青海发现有毒奶粉的前几天, 吉林省也查出三聚氰胺含量严重超标的奶粉。这是来自黑龙江省大庆市一家乳制品有限公司的奶粉。 对这些奶粉的第二次检查结果和第一次检查的结果一样。

现在, 吉林省有关的部门正在调查吉林市里"有毒奶粉"这一事件, 下令停止出售黑龙江大庆市这家乳制品公司的所有产品。 

The police has recently found that in a dairy products factory in Qinghai, the raw material for milk productions had melamine in levels exceeding the standards by more than 500 times. This raw material had arrived from Hebei province.

On July 4th, reporters have learned from Gansu Province Quality & Technical Supervision Bureau, that in three portions of powder milk inspected the levels of melamine exceeded the standards. Gansu's Quality Control Department immediately informed the relevant provinces, suggesting that they inspect the milk they possess. Gansu province Quality & Technical Supervision Bureau announced on June 25th that their inspection center had received three samples of powdered milk in order to monitor the concentration of melamine.

Gansu's Quality Control Department has discovered that the three samples of powdered milk had melamine in concentrations of 215mg/kg, 1397mg/kg and 323mg/kg, exceeding the standards by 86, 559 and 130 times respectively.

When examining the current situation, it seems that poisonous substances haven't been burnt during the production of this 'Three Deers' powdered milk.

Reporters have understood from a Qinghai inside report that on July 3rd the police of Haidong prefecture (Qinghai province), based on information provided by Gansu province, and the Quality Control Department have sealed up several problematic powdered milk product lines. These powders had arrived from a factory of dairy products in the 'Minhe Hui and Tu ethnic minorities' autonomous county in Dongyuan prefecture.

The police has discovered that this factory had recently purchased 58 tons of powdered milk raw materials from Hebei and additional prefectures. Within the 38 tons purchased from Hebei province, melamine was inspected in a level 500 times higher than the standards. The police is now sealing up 64 tons of powdered milk in this company, already completing 12 tons. Qinghai province Quality Control Department has carried out an examination of the raw material, discovering that the melamine concentration exceeds that standard.

Poisonous powdered milk found in Jilin - Sells have been stopped completely

On June 22nd, a few days before the posionous milk has been found in Gansu and Qinghai, Jilin province had also found powdered milk with levels of melamine exceeding the standards dramatically. This powdered milk had arrived from a limited company of dairy products in the city of Daqing, Heilongjiang province. The results of the second examination of this powder were identical to the results of the first test.

Jilin province's relevant departments are now investigating the issue of 'poisonous powdered milk' in the city of Jilin, and have ordered to suspend the selling of all the dairy products manufactured by this dairy company in Daqing, Heilongjiang.

[1] 三聚氰胺 (sānjùqíngàn) - Melamine:   C3H6N6 a trimer of cyanamide. Its is often used by food companies as it makes products seem rich in protein in nutrient testing, due to its nitrogen component. China is currently the world biggest exporter of melamine. Indigestion of the compound in high concentration might cause several health problems.

[2] 质量技术监督局 (zhìliàng jìshù jiāndū jú) - Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision:  A governmental office in charge of standardization, metrology, and equipment safety supervision, as well as testing of product quality. Along with the province bureau, sub-bureaus exist in the district and county levels.

[3] 质量检查部 (zhìliàng jiǎnchá bù) -   Quality Control Department, in this case this refers to a governmental department managed by the Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision.

[4] 三鹿奶粉 (sānlù nǎifěn) - 三鹿, 'Three Deers', is a Chinese-foreign joint venture, located in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province. The company specializes in the production of dairy products.

[5] 民和回族土族自治县 (mínhé huízú tǔzú zìzhìxiàn) -  An autonomous county within Qinghai province, literally meaning ‘Hui and Tu minorities people's harmony', signifying the two major ethnic minorities which occupy the county.

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