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胡锦涛: 西部开发要阻止生态环境恶化 - Hu Jintao: The Environment Will not be Harmed by the Development of West China print version

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7月5日到6日, 中共中央国务院在北京召开有关西部大开发的会议。 关于西部大开发的工作,胡锦涛说了最近十年的工作目标。胡锦涛主席说,今后十年,在中国的西部要建立基本的现代生产体系,要发展公共服务,要阻止环境污染

胡觉得前十年西部大开发的工作做得很好。 在今后十年,西部经济会发展得更快,西部大城市和农村将变化很多,西部人民将得到更多,他们给予国家的也会更多。


"建立生态补偿机制"成为国家重点已经有5年了。 西部地区是防止整个中国生态变坏的地区和保持水源的地区,所以,如果要建立生态补偿机制,就要从西部地区开始。西部大开发的会议指出, 西部地区要增强可持续发展的能力。 政府决定在西部采用一些保护环境的政策。

Between the 5th and 6th of July, The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council have convened a conference discussing 'the development of the west'. Concerning the task of developing the west, Hu Jintao has discussed the targets achieved in the last 10 years. Chairman Hu said that in the next ten years the target is developing a basic modern production system in the west, as well as developing public services, while stopping environmental pollution.

Hu thinks that the development work in the last ten years has been done very well. In the next ten years, the economy of the west could develop faster and the western cities and countryside will change dramatically. The people of the west will gain much more benefits than before and will also contribute more to the nation.

In the next 10 years, the main target in the development of the west is enhancing the western districts' self development capacity. Compared to other Chinese districts, the government will provide more allocate funds to western provinces, which will be used for education, medical treatment, social security and more aspects. The party's authorities' main focus on investment is the construction of the western districts.

"Setting up sustainable development" has become the emphasis of the country for the last five years already. The western districts prevent the degeneration of the ecology in China, as well as preserve the water resources. Thus, when setting up sustainable development, the western districts are the place to start from. The 'Development of the West Conference' has pointed out that western districts will enhance their capacities to continue developing. The government has decided to employ policies of environment protection in the west.


中共中央 (zhōnggòngzhōngyāng) - Central Committee  of the Chinese Communist Party (CCCCP), the highest authority within the Communist Party and the State Council, the chief administrative body in China, consists about 50 members.

西部大开发 (xībùdàkāifā ) - 'The large development of the West' - A number of policies initiated in 2000, aiming to develop the economy of China's western districts, which generally speaking lag behind most eastern districts. Under premier Wen Jiabao and party chairman Hu Jintao, this motive is stressed and realized by several policies.

环境污染 (huánjìngwūrǎn) - Environmental pollution

自我发展 (zìwǒfāzhǎn) - Self development, here refers to the districts' capacity to develop themselves without additional assistance

 "建立生态补偿机制" ( jiànlì shēngtài bǔcháng jīzhì) - The best translation for this term, stressed often by Chinese politicians in the last decade, is 'sustainable development', economic development that causes minimal damage to the environment and utilizes existing resources without creating a burden on the ecosystem.

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