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《非诚勿扰2》首日零点票房200万观众亮高分 - 'If You Are the One 2' First Day Ticket Sales Reached a High 2000000 Spectators print version
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受访观众认为,《非诚勿扰2》中几位主演的表现都非常好。一位女观众认为,以硬汉形象深入人心的孙红雷[6],此次诠释一位身患绝症的中年男子,表演得相当不错。而舒淇[7]、葛优[8]、姚晨[9]的演技,也获得相当一部分观众的认可。 一位男观众表示,《非诚勿扰2》并不是一部纯粹的喜剧,而是有许多导演的思考在里面,电影也更加让人回味。总之,《非诚勿扰2》让人惊喜。


'Chupin Fanghuayi Brothers' reveal that according to incomplete stats, ticket sales for the premiere of "If you are the one 2" have already exceeded 2000000. Previously, ticket sales the premiere of Feng Xiaogang's movie, "Tang mountain big earthquake" ('Aftershock' in English) were 3000000. Theatre personnel claim that since "If you are the one 2", premiered on a Wednesday, when many possible spectators go to work, the achievement of "If you are the one 2" makes them very pleased.

Random spectators who answered reporter's survey, give "If you are the one 2" and average grade of 80 points. The absolute majority of the audience claim that the plot of "If you are the one 2" has changed significantly compared to the first movie, and added some items about "friendship", besides portraying romantic love. One woman spectator said that since she enjoyed this movie with her friends, they were very moved when the plot was depicting friendship.

The visiting audience believes that the performances of main actors (and actresses) in "If you are the one 2" are very good. One woman spectator said that Sun Honglei, who is associated with strong manly roles, as an ill middle aged man in this movie, acts very impressively. The performances of Shu Qi, Ge You and Yao Chen also received a warm approval by most of the audience. One male spectator said that "If you are the one 2" is by no means a naive comedy, but has a lot of director's sophistication, making the viewers ponder about the movie. In short, "If you are the one 2" is a pleasant surprise.

[1] 出品方华谊兄弟 Chūpǐn fāng huá yì xiōngdì - 'Chupin Fanghuayi Brothers', A Chinese movie production company.

[2]《非诚勿扰2》Fēi chéng wù rǎo - 'If you are not sincere don't bother', A new movie, a sequel of a 2008 movie, which in English has been translated to "If you are the one". Both films were directed by Chinese director Feng Xiaogang.

[3] 零点 líng diǎn - 'Zero point', here in the meaning of 'premiere'.

[4] 冯小刚 Féng Xiǎogāng - A successful movie director and actor, who directed box office hits such as "If you are the one", "Aftershock" and "The Banquet".

[5]《非2》"Fēi 2"- Short for 《非诚勿扰2》

[6] 孙红雷 Sūn Hóngléi - A 40 year old Chinese actor, who played in the movies 'Seven Swords', 'Blood Brothers' and more.

[7] 舒淇 Shū qí - A Taiwanese actress who played in numerous movies in the last 15 years, including 'The Transporter', 'So Close', 'Three Times' and 'Viva Erotica'.

[8]葛优 Gé Yōu - One of the most famous Chinese actors today, played mostly in Comedies and Dramas, in movies such as 'To Live', 'Be There or be Square' and 'The Banquet'.

[9] 姚晨 Yáo Chén - A 31 years old Chinese actress, who made her premiere movie debut in 2006.

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