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胡锦涛对美国进行国事访问 - Hu Jintao's US State Visit in Progress print version
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On January 18th, Hu Jintao arrived to US capital Washington, starting this international state visit. During this visit, Hu Jintao attended a confidant evening banquet held by American president Obama, as well as conversations organized by Obama. In the welcoming banquet of the 'US friendship team', Hu expressed meaningful words.

On the conversations of the 19th, Hu Jintao and Obama completely agreed that conforming to the trends of these times, they should devote themselves and make common efforts to construct mutual respect and a mutually beneficial partnership between China and the US. The overall planning of the two heads of states has henceforth developed a focal direction for China US relations for the next time period, as well as deepened the focus domain of cooperation between both sides, reaching a significant common understanding. During the time of visit, the two countries published "China-US Joint Statement". The statement reaffirms the devotion to construct a comprehensive 21st century positive collaboration, in accord with the interest of the people of two countries and the international community.

At noon, January 20th, Hu Jintao attended a welcome banquet in Washington, organized by the 'US friendship group', where he issued the topic "constructing mutual respect, mutually beneficial Sino-American collaboration partnership" in his speech. Hu Jintao pointed out that promoting the stable, healthy and long-term relations between China and the US serves the basic interests of the people of both countries. If the people of China and America hold each other's hands, then mutual respect could certainly be constructed. A mutually beneficial collaboration partnership between China and the US would bring more benefit to both nations' people.

After finishing his Washington visit, Hu Jintao departned and arrived to Chicago on the afternoon of the 20th,where he continued the visit.

[1] 国事访问 guóshì fǎngwèn - 'State visit' or 'international state visit', expressed when referring to official international visits of importan personnel.

[2] 中美关系 zhōngměi guānxi - Sina-American (or China-US) relations.

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