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河南1名警察酒后驾公车造成5人死亡 - A Henan policeman drunk & drove, leading to the death of 5 people print version
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This is a new tragic incident. Even though the headline states that the policeman was drunk during the accident, the article's content ignores this fact, and rather elaborates on the rescue efforts at the scene of accident. This could be due to shortage of clear evidence or a desire to keep the image of the police in decent state. 

29日下午14点40分,一辆车牌号[1]为豫(short for Henan)3517的警车[2]在汝南县(Runan county, Henan province)十字路口[3]时发生事故,把路边2根电线[4]撞倒,导致4人当场[5]死亡、4人受伤,其中1人在送往医院抢救过程中死亡。

经过调查,车辆是汝南县公安局[6]梁祝镇(Liangzhu town)派出所[7]用车,肇事者[8]为该派出所民警[9]王银鹏。汝南县公安机关成立了专案组[10]办理此[11],已将涉嫌犯罪[12]的王银鹏拘留[13]。


29.10, 14:40: A police car with a license plate number 'Yu (short name for Henan province) Q 3517' was involved in an accident in a crossroad in Runan county. The car bumped into two electric wire poles, knocked them down, leading to a death of four people on the spot. Four other were injured, among whom one died as he was carried to be saved at the hospital.

Investigation discovered that the vehicle is used by an official in the police substation of Liangzhu town, under the Runan county police. The troublemaker is a policeman of that substation, named Wang Yinpeng. The police office has formed a special team to handle this case, already detaining the suspected criminal Wang Yinpeng.

At present, the condition of three injured has stabilized. After the accident took place, a rescue emergency team was set by Runan county, launching a rapid rescue work.

Original article published by Xinhua News Agency

[1] 牌号 páihào - License plate number

[2] 警车 jǐngchē - Police car

[3] 十字路口 shízì lùkǒu - Crossroad, '十' shaped crossroad

[4] 电线杆 diànxiàn gān - Electric wire pole

[5] 当场 dāngchǎng - On the spot

[6] 公安局 gōngānjú - Police department

[7] 派出所 pàichūsuǒ - Substation

[8] 肇事者 zhàoshìzhě - 'Trouble maker'

[9] 民警 mín jǐng - Policeman

[10] 专案组 zhuānànzǔ - Special investigation team

[11] 案 àn - Case

[12] 涉嫌犯罪 shèxián fànzuì - Criminal suspect

[13] 拘留 jūliú - Detain

[14] 病情bìngqíng - Patient condition

[15] 救援 应急 jiùyuán yìngjí - Emergency rescue

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