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“婴儿安全岛”鼓励弃婴还是保护生命?Does the Hebei "Infant Safety Island" encourage the abandonment of children or rather saves lives? print version
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近日,石家庄市(Shi Jiazhuang city, Hebei province)社会福利院[1]成为舆论焦点[2]。该福利院在去年的6月1日,设立了专门接收弃婴[3]的"婴儿安全[4]",是全国首个用于接收弃婴的福利院设施[5],。福利院相关负责人表示,9个月时间"安全岛"接收了26名弃婴,不但提高了这些孩子的成活率[6],全市范围内的弃婴数量反而比以前少了。该院相关负责人说:"我们无愧[7]于自己的良心,会坚持做下去。"



中国民政部(Ministry of Civil Affairs),他们认可石家庄市"婴儿安全岛"的做法。中国儿童福利和收养中心(China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption)已经考察了石家庄市"婴儿安全岛",目前正在各地宣传,并计划向全国推广[11]这种做法。

In recent days, the public welfare institutions of Shi Jiazhuang city has become a focus of public discourse. On June 1 last year, this institution established an "infant safety island", which is the first welfare facility in China that receives abandoned infants. Person in charge of city welfare said that during the 9 months of activity, the facility admitted 26 abandoned infants. This not only improves the survival rate of those children, but has also led to smaller numbers of abandoned children in the city. Person in charge of this facility said: "we have a clear conscience about our good intentions and we will continue with this work."

Some media reporters and netizens believe that the "infant safety island" might encourage the abandonment of children. Nevertheless, most people support this initiative. Relevant personnel of Shi Jiazhuang's welfare institutions explain that when the "infant safety island" was set up they also had some concerns about negative effects that this institution could bring about, but reality proves that this has not happened and that the place has rather improved the level of aid for abandoned infants.

The disputes expressed in the media do not influence the plans of the welfare facilities. At present, city welfare plans to select two hospitals in the city where two more "infant safety islands" will be established, since in hospitals infants can be aided more promptly.

The ministry of civil affair approves the Shi Jiazhuang initiative. China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption is already observing the "infant safety island" in Shi Jiazhuang and propagating it in other regions, planning to spread this facility throughout China.

Original article published by 河北青年报

[1] 社会福利院 shèhuì fúlì yuàn - Institutions of social welfare

[2] 舆论焦点 yúlùn jiāodiǎn - Focus of public discourse

[3] 弃婴 qìyīng - Abandoned infants

[4] 岛 dǎo - Island

[5] 设施 shèshī - Facilities

[6] 成活率 chéng huó lǜ - Survival rate

[7] 无愧 wúkuì - Clear conscience

[8] 网友 wǎngyǒu - Netizens, internet users

[9] 鼓励 gǔlì - Encourage

[10] 救助水平 jiùzhù shuǐpíng - Level of aid

[11] 推广 tuīguǎng - Expand, spread

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