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《哈利•波特与遗传学》:中山大学新颖的选修课 - 'Harry Potter and Genetics': a new original course at Sun Yatsen University print version
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中山大学医学院(School of medicine in Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou) 2011-2012学年第二学期[1]开设《哈利·波特与遗传学》('Harry Potter and Genetics')选修课[2],要求学生"对哈利·波特小说或电影感兴趣"。开课的陈老师称,遗传学是枯燥[3]的学科,老师结合书和电影来讲课,学生容易记住知识。陈老师的立足[4]点是吸引到更多学生的注意,从而提高授课效率[5],让学生找到学习的兴趣。
国内有很多哈利波特(Harry Potter)的粉丝[6],特别是学生群体。因此,中山大学医学院开设《哈利·波特与遗传学》选修课,符合学生的口味。学生们见惯[7]了平常的枯燥课程后,这样新颖[8]的课,必然受到欢迎。当然,《哈利·波特与遗传学》目前还只是在表面上吸引人,至于课程是否足够精彩[9],能否持续下去,则将在实践中得到检验。

School of medicine in Sun Yatsen University is offering a new optional course for the 2nd semester of 2011-2012, titled 'Harry Potter and Genetics', inviting students "who are interested in Harry Potter novels or movies" to register. Teacher Chen who opens this class says that genetics is a dull discipline, and if teachers combine Harry Potter books and movies when giving the class, students could easily remember such knowledge. The basic principle of teacher Chen is attracting the attention of more students, improving the productiveness of teaching and make students more interested.

There are many Harry Potter fans in China, particularly among students. Therefore, the class offered corresponds to the taste of students. After students got used to dull courses, this new original class will certainly be popular. Surely, 'Harry Potter and Genetics' at present is only attracting students superficially. As for whether the class is indeed splendid and whether it will continue in the future, this will be tested in actual practice (beginning in the next semester).

This kind of 'trendy classes' and this type of creative teachers are still very few. China's education system is becoming rigid and restricted. Everyday education stresses mechanical memorization and achievement of grade cut-off points. Students are not creative enough. Therefore, we should encourage the new 'Harry Potter and Genetics' class, which is bringing about more choice to teachers and students. 

Original article published by 红网  

[1] 二学期 di èr xuéqī - Second semester

[2]选修课 xuǎnxiū kè - Optional class, a class that students can choose to take

[3] 枯燥 kūzào - Dull, uninteresting

[4] 立足 lìzú - Main principle

[5] 授课效率 shòukè xiàolǜ - Teaching efficiency, teaching productiveness

[6]粉丝 fěnsī - Fans

[7] 见惯 jiànguan - Used to, accustomed to

[8] 新颖 xīnyǐng - New and original

[9] 精彩 jīngcǎi - Splendid

[10] "潮课" cháo kè - 'Trendy' classes, popular classes

[11] 创新意识 chuàngxīn yìshí - Creative ideas

[12] 教育体制 jiàoyù tǐzhì - Education system

[13]僵化 jiānghuà - Become rigid, fossilize

[14] 死记硬背 sǐjìyìngbèi - Mechanical memorization

[15] 分数线 fēnshù xiàn - Grade cut-off point, passing scores

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