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哈尔滨禁狗令引争议 - Harbin's prohibition of dog raising leads to disputes print version
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 从今年11月开始,哈尔滨(Harbin)规定[1]养大型犬[2]。只要身高超过50厘米(cm),体长[3]超过70厘米的犬类,都属于禁养范围。大批市民和网友对此表达了热议。这样目的是保护"人",随着最近天气转暖,许多人喜欢不拴绳[4]遛狗[5],山东济南(Jinan, Shandong)就出现多起狗伤人事件。




From November 2012, Harbin is prohibiting the raising of large dogs. If the dog size exceeds the height of 50cm and body length exceeds 70cm, then the dog exceeds the limit and is prohibited. Many city residents and netizens protest against this decision. The reason behind this regulation is to protect "people". Furthermore, since recently the weather is becoming warmer, many people like to walk around with unleashed dogs. In Jinan, Shandong, many incidents of dogs attacking people took place.

In Japan, an average of 1 out of 13 people raises a dog. Numerous people in Japan raise large dogs. Concerning owning a dog, the Japan government does not implement any special policy, except for animal protection laws that prohibit the abuse of pets. Concerning walking outside with one's dog, everyone is aware that using a chain (or leash) prevents diseases. This is not a law regulation but rather common knowledge.

In Australia, there is a governmental regulation that does not allow raising pets in apartment buildings. If this is violated, one could be punished with fine. If a pet makes noise, there is also a possibility that neighbors complain.

It is easy to understand that no matter whether it is Japan or Australia, the self-discipline of dog owners is indispensible. Pets are friends of humans and if there is need to exercise supervision, this should be done with common efforts of pet owners and not thorough a 'paper' prohibition. 

Original article published by 中国广播网 

[1] 禁 jìn - Prohibit

[2] 大型犬 dàxíng quǎn - Large dogs

[3] 体长 tǐ cháng - Body length

[4] 不拴绳 bù shuānshéng - Unleashed

[5]遛狗 liù gǒu - Stroll with a dog outside home

[6] 动物保护法 dòngwù bǎohù fǎ - Animal protection law

[7] 虐待 nvèdài - Abuse

[8] 狗链 gǒu liàn - Dog chain

[9] 防疫 fángyì - Prevent disease/epidemic

[10] 常识 chángshí - Common knowledge

[11] 处罚款 chǔfá kuǎn - Penalize and impose a fine

[12] 投诉 tóusù - Complain

[13] 自律 zìlǜ - Self-discipline

[14] 不可或缺 bùkěhuòquē - Indispensable

[15] 一纸禁令 yī zhǐ jìnlìng - 'Paper regulation'

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