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广东将试点从小学推女性教育防傍大款当小三 - A Female Education experiment in Guangdong province: Protecting girls from dating sugar-daddies and from becoming `small mistresses` print version
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Yesterday, the Working Committee on Children and Women of Gaungdong province convened an internet forum for girl development plan. Vice-Governor of Guangdong province and Women working committee director, Lei Yulan, said that Guangdong is about to launch a pilot project, starting female education in elementary and middle school.

Dating a sugar-daddy shows in deficiencies in women education:

What makes people worry is that while the existing elementary and middle school education is entering into the education experiment, heads of households neglect fostering female morals. Some girls are starving to death as they seek to lose weight and become beautiful, while some university girl students are willing to date sugar-daddies. Women participating in policies, especially the portion of women who enter high-level leading positions, is far and cannot match the numbers in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. These are all considered to be the deficiencies in women education.

Universities should set up special classes for female-sex:

In every type of university there should all be a special class for female sex, progressing further and deepening female education and improve women's rational thinking; making girls who are about to enter the society understand how to employ the advantages and avoid the minuses in the 'chess game' between the two sexes; making girls learn to respond to pressure and challenges and come to the fore in the society environment in which men and women are not so equal.

Giving aid to non-governmental kindergartens:

Department of Education in Guangdong province is organizing the formulation of two documents: One is accelerating the development of preschool education and another is preschool education operation plan. These two documents will aim to deal with the situation of 'entering school is difficult, entering school is expensive'. For example, bringing preschool education into the development plan of the whole education. In the finance aspect, for instance, progressively increasing the proportion of funds for preschool education within the education funds. Guangdong will also provide aid to non-governmental kindergartens, through policies that allow some kindergartens enjoy exempt from taxation, for example.

The problem of the psychological health of children away from parents care should be paid attention to:

The psychological health of children left away from parents' care in Guangdong is worth attention. Head of the department office for complaint letters of Jiedong county analyzed, saying that problems that appear in these children are that such children aren't together with their parents and lack family happiness and the affectionate education of the family. He said that a long period living in this kind of environment leads children who are away from parents care to easily develop depression and not getting well with others, not loving to study, telling lies and other psychological barriers.

Lei Yulan says that within the new organized plan, Guandong will regard town and country, the established branches of education, entertainment, health, counseling and psychological treatment as an organic whole of "children's home", unceasingly improving the growing up environment of children away from parents' care.

[1] 妇女儿童工委 fùnǚ értóng gōngwěi - Working Committee on Children and Women

[2]网友座谈会 wǎng yǒu zuòtán huì - Internet users' forum

[3] 傍大款 bàng dà kuǎn - Date a rich guy, date a sugar-daddy.

[4] 港澳台 gǎng ào tái - Short for 香港,澳门,台湾 - Hong-Kong, Macao, Taiwan.

[5] 理性思维 lǐ xìng sīwéi - Rational thinking

[6] 两性博弈 liǎng xìng bó yì - 'Two sexes' chess game', battle of interests and small manipulations between men and women.

[7] 扬长避短 yáng zhǎng bì duǎn - Use the advantages and avoid the minuses.

[8] 民办幼儿园 mín bàn yòuéryuán - Non-governmental kindergartens

[9] 学前教育 xué qián jiàoyù - Preschool education

[10] 免税 miǎn shuì- Tax-free, exemption of taxation

[11] 留守儿童 liú shǒu értóng - Children away from parents care

[12] 信访局办公室 xìn fǎng jú bàngōngshì - Department office for complaint letters

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