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《环球时报》谴责西方干预艾未未被拘事件 - 'World Times' condemns western interference in the matter of Ai Weiwei's arrest print version
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《环球时报》称,西方政府利用艾未未事件,抨击中国的人权纪录,但是他们没搞清楚事件细节,也不知道艾未未触犯了哪些法律。 该报称,西方批评人士"用激烈的评论攻击中国,这是对中国基本政治的轻率抨击,也是对中国司法[6]主权的无视。"


The World Times, a newspaper issued by The People's Daily (managed by China`s government), has published an editorial, condemning the demand of western governments, asking that China releases the arrested avant-garde artist Ai Weiwei. The World Times has added that Ai Weiwei has continuously violated the baseline of China's law, and he should pay a price.

This is the first time the Chinese government media expresses an opinion regarding this controversial character. Ai Weiwei was taken by the police in Beijing when he was boarding a plane to Hong Kong. Western governments and Chinese human rights activists have paid close attention and criticized this matter.

The World Times stated that western governments use the Ai Weiwei event to target China's human rights violations, although they don't even make the details of this incident clear, and they don't know which laws Ai Weiwei has violated. This report states that the criticizing western personage "use fierce comments accusing China. This is a hasty attack on China's basic governmental framework and is also disregarding the sovereignty of China's administration of justice."

The editorial states: "Ai Weiwei often does 'peculiar' things. Moreover, similar people are gathered near him. It is generally clear what person he is; Many times he is on the verge of violating China's law. Maybe he likes that kind of feeling. History shall make judgment to people like Ai Weiwei. Prior to this, they could pay a price for their own peculiar choices."

The above article was originally published on the Huaxun Caijing portal ( The article discusses the arrest of Ai Weiwei, and incident which was discussed in western media. By this article we give an example for the way this topic is discussed in Chinese media, without adding further opinions regarding this incident.

[1] 《人民日报》rénmínrìbào - People's Daily, the most popular Chinese daily newspaper, managed by the Chinese Communist Party.

[2] 《环球时报》huánqiú shíbào - World Times; a Chinese daily newspaper under the administration or the People's Daily. The World Times has an international circulation and discusses topics which are relevant in the international level.

[3] 前卫 qián wèi - Avant-garde, alternative

[4] 艾未未 aì wèi wèi - Ai Weiwei, Chinese activist and artist (architecture consultant of the Beijing National Studium, built for the 2008 Olympics. In recent years Ai Weiwei expressed criticism against government corruption incidents in China.

[5] 权活动者 quán huódòng zhě - Human rights activists.

[6] 司法 sīfǎ - Administration of justice.

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